SEND Spotlight on: Speech and Language

Posted on Wednesday, July 1st, 2020

Laia goes to Language Land – Greyfriars Speech and Language Support Videos

Our Speech and Language Lead, Mrs Marshall, has been working very hard creating videos to support children with speech and language needs.  Thank you Mrs Marshall!

The first video introduces the character of Laia and her adventures in Language Land.  The subsequent videos focus on one sound at time.  We’d love any feedback on how these have helped your child.  Click on the thumbnails to access the videos.

Introductory Video: Laia goes to Language Land.





Lesson 1: The C Sound.                      Lesson 2: The S Sound.                    Lesson 3:  The G Sound.



Lesson 4:  The L Sound.                Lesson 5:  The F Sound.

COVID Update from East Coast Community Healthcare

Visit the ECCH website for advice and support.  You can also visit their facebook page for further information and support videos.  ECCH have also set up an advice line for both parents and professionals.  Calls are answered by a clinical support worker.  A Speech and Language Therapist is available to ring families back and provide further advice.  The service will contact those families they are working with directly on a half termly basis.

 The advice line is available from Mon-Fri 9am -12pm

01502 719830


Virtual Speech and Language Sessions.

Mrs Marshall has been running virtual Speech and Language sessions via Zoom and Microsoft Teams for children both at school and currently learning from home.  After a successful trial we are now rolling these out to more families.

SEND Spotlight on: Social Stories

Posted on Monday, June 22nd, 2020

Social storiesTM were created by Carol Gray in 1991. They are simple explanations of a particular event or activity.  Social stories help the reader to understand what will happen in a certain situation and how they should respond.

The terms ‘social story’ and ‘social stories’ are trademarks originated and owned by Carol Gray.


Whilst Social Stories are used frequently to support children and adults with Autism navigate new situations, they are useful for all children and adults, especially for those feeling anxious about the unknown.


Below are links to some social stories which may be particularly useful at this time.



Including Social Stories on wearing masks, face shields and gloves, social distancing and visiting the doctor.

Click here to access Social Stories from Autism Little Learners website.



School is closed Social Story.


Pandemics and the Coronavirus by Carol Gray

SEND Spotlight On: The Autistic Spectrum and COVID-19

Posted on Tuesday, June 16th, 2020

Now is a particularly difficult time for families of children who are on the Autistic Spectrum.  It can be very difficult to explain the sudden changes in routine which are so important for our children.  If you would like help accessing support, would like us to help source resources for home, or just want someone to talk to, please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

Below, I’ve highlighted three three resources you may find helpful at this time.

Mrs Allen

Hear families’ stories of the impact of COVID-19



Advice from Autism Parenting Magazine – coping at home with COVID.



Easy (and free!) Speech and Language Therapy activities.






SEND Spotlight On: Mental Health during the COVID-19 Crisis

Posted on Wednesday, June 10th, 2020

The current situation is a difficult time for everyone, but may be especially difficult for families of children who already have emotional and social needs.

There are a wealth of resources on the internet, but there as are so many, it can be overwhelming and difficult to know where to start!

Below are three resources you may find helpful.  Click the text link to open the resource.

Remember, we are always here to help and you can contact us at any time for support, whether your child is currently in school or not.

Tips for what to do if you’re worried about Coronavirus. BBC Newsround

Activities and ideas for being calm and letting go of stress. Childline.


Sensory Activities

Posted on Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

This may be a particularly difficult time for some of our children who benefit from a varied sensory diet.  If you are looking for simple activities to do at home with your child, the following links have lots of ideas.


Sensory Learning Activities: An A-Z.



Story Massage – Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2pm.

Follow “Story Massage Programme” on Facebook watch the live story massages each Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm – they will remain on the page, so don’t worry if you miss them!

They also have a website with further information about story massage:

story massage

Home Learning – additional support for children with SEND.

Posted on Tuesday, March 24th, 2020

Class teachers are posting lots of fun activities whilst we are not at school.  If you have a child with additional needs and you would like advice or support on tailoring activities, please send me an email and I will be happy to help:

Thank you, and stay safe.

Mrs Allen

Coronavirus Social Story

Posted on Thursday, March 19th, 2020



Some of our learners might be feeling very anxious at this difficult time, especially those who have autism.  With the closure of schools and uncertainty around how long closures may last, it will be useful for parents to discuss the pandemic with children at a simple level using visuals.

There are many social stories about Coronavirus available on the internet.  We really like this one, created by Carol Gray herself:

Coronavirus Social Story                                   

Alternatively, you could use this simpler version by Amanda McGuinness which can be downloaded from:                                      




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