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How we Teach Reading at Greyfriars

On entry, children in EYFS begin to read through phoneme recognition. We use an interactive programme – Bug Club – to make this learning fun and engaging. The structure of this programme allows robust and rigorous teaching with the completion of all phases by the end of Key Stage 1. This is combined with reading books in class.

In Key Stage 2 children are guided through appropriate incrementally book banded reading material. They are then encouraged to choose ‘free reading’ books from either the class, or school, library. Children are also allowed to borrow books to take home: either to read to someone at home or to be read to by someone at home. This encourages reading enjoyment and the sharing of books with adults and siblings. 

Across the school we have daily guided reading sessions where we use echo and performance reading of texts followed by interrogation of the text. We are currently using VIPERS guided reading materials which focuses on improving reading fluency, the acquisition of high level vocabulary and questioning using the 6 assessment foci from the National Curriculum.

In each year group we also have a set of age appropriate books that the teacher reads to the class on a regular basis. This teacher modelling of texts gives the children a model of how to read using expression, intonation and awareness of punctuation.

Where appropriate children receive extra support within, or outside the classroom from either the class teacher or teaching support to ensure all children achieve.


Below are some links to websites to support your child at home.

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