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Cross Country

Well done to all the children who represented Greyfriars at the Cluster Cross Country Competition. Huge congratulations to 4 of our children; Esmie, Isabelle, Hette and Lola who all made it through to the next round of the competition. We will let you know how the girls get on!






Active Kids Festival

12 of our year 1 children took part in a Creative Games Active Kids Festival on Monday 19th February,  The children were really well behaved and represented our school well.  There were six different activities;  stepping stones, solve the case, disco dice, number crunch, parachute games and skipping games,  Parachute games was voted the favourite.

Legacy Challenge

Jamie and Esmie, two of  our Legacy Challenge Ambassadors, presented the first of the 2017/2018 Legacy Challenge certificates to Thornham class pupils.



Swimming Gala

On Friday 1st December 13 children took part in a swimming gala at St James swimming pool.  All of the children swam brilliantly, with many beating  their personal bests.

Overall winners and through to the next round are:
Back crawl
Year 4        Rhys
Year 5        Kristina
Year 6        Jamie
Year 5         Evie
Year 6         Esmie
Year 4          Rhys
Year 5          Jamie


Greyfriars is taking part in an exciting activity called The Legacy challenge.  This provides pupils with an ideal opportunity to grow and develop their leadership skills and encourages pupils to take on greater responsibility within the classroom and the playground.  It promotes and raises awareness about the benefits of a healthier lifestyle and encourages participation in physical activity.  The challenge can be completed within school and if the pupils wish can also be completed outside the school environment with the support of parents and sports club leaders..
Each pupil has a Legacy Challenge Booklet which is kept in school and is signed and dated by the class teacher when a challenge has been completed.
For Key Stage 1 Children
1 challenge has to be completed to receive a bronze certificate.  2 challenges for a silver certificate and 3 challenges for a gold certificate.
For Key Stage 2 Children
2 challenges have to be completed to receive a bronze certificate.  4 challenges for a silver certificate and 6 challenges for a gold certificate.


 On  Monday 9th October Miss Cook and Mrs Porter took 14 children to Lynnsport to take part in an Active Kids event.  The focus was festival games and the children represented our school well and had a brilliant time.  In fact the children were complimented on their behaviour and sportsmanship by the adults running the event.  We are very proud of them.

PE Teachers

We are very fortunate at Greyfriars to have additional support with teaching PE skills from Emma Woods, a PE teacher from KES,  and Harry Collison and his team of coaches from Premier Sports.

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