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Mrs Coleman

My name is Mrs Coleman, I teach Snettisham Class and I am responsible for leading the Early Years Foundation Stage. I have a passion for Early Years and believe strongly that children learn best through play  and when allowed to experience the world around them in a hands on approach. I am well known for making a mess! Corn flour, jelly, slime, gloop, mud, dinosaur poop and alien snot… we explore it all!
Outside of school I enjoy baking and walking my two Labradors on the beach (not at the same time!)

The dress rehearsal of the Christmas Recipe

Posted on Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

Amazing Christmas Displays

Posted on Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

Each class was set the challenge of creating a display for Christmas.

Our younger classes looked at Christmas today

Year 3/4 classes explored Christmas around the world

Year 5/6 classes looked at Christmas in the past and future

EYFS and Keystage 1 Topic Launch

Posted on Friday, September 21st, 2018

Our topic this term is ‘When I grow up’  The children will be learning about lots of different jobs.  We started by learning that in our school there are lots of adults. We have talked to some of them about their jobs.

First we spoke to Mrs Barrett. She is our headteacher. Her job is to look after the school and tell everyone what to do. She does assemblies and talks about being kind.  After that we spoke to Erica. She is our cook. She has to cook all the food and serve it to the children.  We also spoke to Mr Scase.  He is our school caretaker and he works very hard keeping our school safe and clean. We also spoke to Miss Whitmore. She works very hard doing paperwork. If we are poorly she will call our parents to come and get us. She checks the cameras to make sure that everything is ok.

More recently we had a visit from Mrs Harris, a theatre nurse.  The children had a lovely time learning in a fun way  about some of the things she does to help children get better.

Next week we are having a visit from a RAF air traffic controller, a police officer and a hairdresser.  Later on we will be having a visit from a vet nurse, a midwife and a person who uses sign language.


Please enjoy looking at the photographs, we will add more as we take them.




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