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Mrs Janet Moyle

Mrs Janet MoyleI’ve been teaching at Greyfriars since moving to the area with my family in 2007. I currently teach in year 3 and oversee the planning and teaching of Religious Education within the school. My classroom is a happy place, where all children are accepted, cared for and enjoy learning. Outside school, I enjoy running, feeding lots of people, and am also involved with The Gateway Church.


Sheringham Celebrations, 10th July

Posted on Friday, July 10th, 2020

Hello everyone,

It has been great to hear from a number of you and to see pictures and receive emails of what you have been up to. You have kept me smiling during a very damp week! Let’s hope for some sunshine soon!

Speaking of the weather, we had some great water cycle posters from Liam, Josh and Aris:


Mia and Billy had great fun making lava lamps. If you haven’t had a go yet, you should! Billy said he enjoyed it and that it was awesome:


I have enjoyed looking at the Roman Baths with some children this week. It was great to see Aris has drawn them and written some information about them.


Loved reading some of your writing. Well done to Aris and Mia for having a great go:


I hope you are keeping up with your Tackling Tables. A special mention to Josh who worked so hard and scored a magnificent 100 out of 100! Can’t do better than that!

Well done to these children who have done Education City this week:


Have a lovely weekend Sheringham and enjoy the sunshine! I will be in contact on Monday with the new home learning grid.

Mrs Moyle



Premier Education ~ Summer Camps

Posted on Tuesday, July 7th, 2020

Whoops… Year 3/4 Spelling Mistake.

Posted on Monday, July 6th, 2020

Good Morning everyone,

A mistake was made on this week’s Home Learning Grid. Last weeks spellings were put on the grid for a second week. Please find this weeks spellings below alongside a new Home Learning Grid… Home Learning Grid 6th July 2020 UPDATED

Year 3



Year 4 


Hello Sheringham, 6.7.20

Posted on Monday, July 6th, 2020

Hello Sheringham class,

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Looking forward to the week ahead; not only because it is my birthday 🎂  on Friday, but because we have some exciting activities for you to have a go at. As always, I’m very much looking forward to seeing what you produce. Here is the grid you will be working from:

Year 3 and 4 Learning grid


Keep going through your book (you should be almost finished it by now, if not already) and going over your times tables. You can find the textbooks here:


We are continuing to learn the persuasive model text as to why you should join the Roman Army. You will have a go at writing the first paragraph yourselves, using the text to magpie any key words. You are going to try and persuade the canteen staff to put your favourite meal on the school menu and make it weekly. You can be as imaginative as you wish!


Last week we had a great time looking at the volcano at Mount Vesuvius. I loved seeing some of your models. This week we are going to look at the Roman Baths; perhaps you can even have a go at making one using some ‘junk’ material or lego. Why not have a look at this picture to get you going:

Here are some sites to give you more information:


Lesson Presentation Roman Baths

Roman baths powerpoint


We are going to learn about the water cycle. You can make a poster with key words and showing exactly what happens. It make look similar to this:


Don’t forget your tackling tables.

On Education City I have put some Maths problems for you to have a go at, as well as some activities to do with persuasive writing.

Have a great week! Hope we have lots to celebrate by Friday.

Mrs Moyle

Sheringham Celebrations, 3rd July 2020

Posted on Friday, July 3rd, 2020

Hey Sheringham!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you have all had a lovely week. Did you work out who the baby photos belonged to? Congratulations to Aris who got 4 out of the 5 photos correct. As promised, here is the big name reveal……

1 Alex

2 Aris

3 Ollie

4 Isabel

5 Mia

I hope you have enjoyed learning about Mount Vesuvius as much as we have in school. We had great discussions in the Bubble I work in and a number of the children did some fantastic writing, as if they were there at the time…all the back in 79AD!

Aris has even made a volcano. How fantastic is that and what a lot of fun it looks! Why don’t some of you have a go as well. Email me any pictures; I would love to see and celebrate your efforts.


A number have had a go at education City this week. Alex and Aris have managed to have attempted all the activities, with Mia close behind. A special well done to you 3!

Have a lovely weekend. Don’t forget to check the class blog on Monday for more exciting activities.

Mrs Moyle

Sheringham Photo Competition

Posted on Wednesday, July 1st, 2020

Thank you so much to those of you who sent in your yearbook baby photos! You looked so cute and adorable!

Can you guess who is who?

Email your guesses to me at by Friday

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Mrs Moyle

Hello Sheringham; 29.6.20

Posted on Monday, June 29th, 2020

Hello Sheringham class,

This week looks as if it may be slightly cooler, so you will all be able to work really hard! I look forward to hearing from you and seeing pictures of what you have been up to. If you can email me before Friday, I will try and include them in our celebratory blog at the end of the week.

So let’s have a look at what exciting work we are doing this week:

Learning grid


Keep going through your book and going over your times tables. You can find the textbooks here:


We are starting our last Talk for Writing text for year 3, so make it brilliant!  It is a persuasive text as to why you should join the Roman Army. How great that it is linked with our Topic work, which I know you have been loving. Before we learn the text though, we have our Cold Task to do. What do you think you might try and persuade me to do? My guess is that you are going to try and ask me to get Sheringham class back to school before the end of term!


We are continuing to look at water, and going over evaporation. There is even a fun experiment to try, although you need a sunny day to do it! Why not check out these slides to assist and complete the sheets.

Lesson Presentation Evaporation Investigation

Activity Sheet Evaporation Investigation

Activity Sheet Washing Line Conclusions


We are off to Mount Vesuvius in Italy to find out what happened in AD79. At the end of the week you can even have a go at erupting your very own Vesuvius! Without giving too much away, it sounds like a whole lot of fun!

To help, why not look at some of these resources: 

Mount Vesuvius


Don’t forget your tackling tables.

On Education City I have put some timed assessments this week. You have 30 mins to complete most of the activities. I would love you to have a go, but don’t worry if you find it too challenging.

Remember we have a class yearbook photo contest – 

Please email me a baby photo by Tuesday.

Have a great week,

Mrs Moyle


Sheringham Celebrations; June 26th 2020

Posted on Friday, June 26th, 2020

Hello Sheringham,

What a hot week! A big well done to those of you that managed to complete school work in these warm temperatures. In school I have been quite glad that I don’t have everyone from Sheringham in the classroom, or we would certainly all roast, especially in the afternoons!

So, let’s have a look at which magnificent children we can publicly celebrate this week for great work:

Well done to Mia, Josh and Liam who have all completed hot tasks in Literacy. I enjoyed reading all their stories:

Great to see that Mia has also been remembering to do her spellings:

The Topic on Romans is still proving popular. I think some of you would have made brilliant gladiators! In my bubble we watched WHO-WANTS-TO-BE-A-GLADIATOR 2 which will give you more information, should you wish. Make sure you check the blog on Monday for more exciting work on the Romans.

Well done to Aris who did brilliant work and Liam and Josh who wrote instructions on how to be a Roman Gladiator:

Not only are you Roman gladiators, I think you are also Scientists. A big well done to Mia for completing her Science assessment (a week early!) and to Liam for doing such a wonderful diagram and for Aris for showing us the results of his melting experiment:

Thrilled to see many of you having a go at education City. A special well done to Aris who completed all the activities.


Have a great weekend,

Mrs Moyle



Stretch Session with Miss Penman

Posted on Thursday, June 25th, 2020




Most of you know Miss Penman, she normally works in Cromer Class with Ms Nordloh.

She has created a stretch session for all of our KS1 and KS2 children. We hope you enjoy it!



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