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Year 3 and 4 Curriculum Information Booklet

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Year 3 and 4 Curriculum Newsletter Spring 2

Year 3 and 4 Homework Grid



Mr Sellers

I am new to teaching at Greyfriars Academy, after working alongside Mrs Moyle in Sheringham Class last year. Holkham Class is mixed with children from Years 3 and 4. The children share the adult’s love of learning and strive to always be the very best they can be. I currently oversee the School Council and Phonics.

Outside of school I enjoy reading, exploring new places and working on my classic VW Beetle called Bonnie.





Medicspot Handwashing Competition

Posted on Monday, April 6th, 2020

Medicspot is calling all primary school children to share their creative ideas to help encourage frequent hand washing – the best way to keep yourself and others safe from coronavirus. Find out how you can enter and win £500 for Greyfriars Academy here: www.medicspot.co.uk/handwash

Happy Easter Holkham! (03/04/20)

Posted on Friday, April 3rd, 2020

Good Morning Holkham Class,

I hope you’ve all had a good week. I can see it’s be a very busy week for a lot of you. I can see Kristian, Brayden, George, Rinalds, Borislav, Frankey, Teja, Bethany, Sonny, Jac, Nicole, Hallie, Carina, Karolis and Freya have had a really good at the activities on Education City. Some of you even found your own work to do as an extension and sent me the links, which was so impressive.

Well done those of you who have been accessing Tackling Tables – I know having spoken to a few grown up this week, that some children are finding this new way of working a little bit more tricky than when on paper. I know it can feel more difficult when you have to type in or click the numbers, but think of it like falling into the learning pit, persevere with the number entry because you are all so good with your tables. Remember what I always say, “Use what you know, to work out what you don’t!” and “Keep climbing out of the learning pit until you’ve got the skills you need for when you fall (or jump) back in!“.

Amazing Learning

Lukas K has been so busy since our school has been closed. His Mum sent me lots of photos of his work which I couldn’t open straight away, but I’ve managed it now and they are absolutely amazing. He’s been designing chocolate bars, learning about Christopher Columbus and the routes he sailed, listing major events in the 1600s, making a bookmark, writing an acrostic poem and much more. He’s even been helping with the washing up too. Wow Lukas! You’re such an amazing role model for the rest of the class.


Likewise, George has had a very busy week too. He’s not only been working hard using Education City, but also practicing his spellings and creating an amazing timeline of Cadburys Chocolate. I loved learning about when cream eggs were first created, so much so, that I had to eat one to celebrate! George has also created a hilarious chocolate bar advert using Tik Tok with the help of his grown-ups. I will upload this as quickly as I can in my video message later on.



Kristian has also made his own a chocolate bar advert using filmed with the help of his grown-ups. It was so kind of him so say hello to all of us and I’m sure you’ll really love his presentation. Again, I will upload this as soon as possible in my video message later on.

Nicole has had an amazing week. She told me that she really enjoyed Maths and Art this week and every morning has been working out with Jo Wicks. She sent photos of all the hard work and fun she’s been having.

Freya has written an amazing poem about chocolate with help from mum (thank you Mum!). She has also sent me a video which I will add to my next Vlog after Easter. Freya also sent me a picture of Milo the puppy who is only 4 months old and very playful. I think Freya remembers just how much I love dogs and he is especially beautiful.

Thank you to each of you that have sent me some of your amazing work to share in today’s blog post. Please don’t worry if you still have work to share. Send it to me in an email and I’ll update this blog again later.


Final messages 

Today we are on break for the Easter holiday so you will not receive a ‘Home Learning Grid’ or new activities to do on Education City on Monday. However, the last two week’s Home Learning Grids can still be found in my blog posts, Education City games will stay online and Tackling Tables will still be available to use – if you wish to do any of them (but you don’t have to).

Remember to really enjoy spending time with your family at home over Easter. You could play games, read or write stories or join in with the cooking.

Whatever you decide to do over the next two weeks, keep safe, be kind and don’t pop from eating too many Easter eggs!

Have a very happy Easter,

Mr Sellers

Good Afternoon Holkham Class! (01/04/20)

Posted on Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

Good Afternoon Holkham Class and happy April!

Hope you’re all having a great learning week so far. I haven’t had any emails of work which I can share yet. I’m sure it’s because you’re all very busy. Don’t forget you can access lots of activities by using our Years-3-and-4-Home-Learning-Grid-WC-30.03.20-2

Maths Support

Ms Nordloh has been sent special links from Power Maths to support your Maths learning at home. Click here if you are in Year 3 or here if you are Year 4 for support with your Maths home learning. Note for grown ups: You may need to scroll to the bottom of the page and accept the terms and condition the first time to visit to access the content – as always, you can email me if there are any problems.

Education City and Tackling Tables 

Lots of you have been having a good go at PlayLive and LearnScreens on Education City and play, test and learn on Tackling Tables. It’s fantastic to see so many of you engaging with this online learning. Brayden and George have already completed all of the task – well done! When you have finished, have a look at some of the other activities on Education City for Year 3/4 online and chose something which interests you. You can use this video to help you to navigate your ‘Home Screen’.

Hope you all have a brilliant rest of your week. It’s nearly time for a well earned break over the holidays. Don’t forget to share any learning with me using my email address or comments on this blog post and I’ll upload a new video on Friday!

See you soon,

Mr Sellers

Happy Monday Holkham! 30/03/20

Posted on Monday, March 30th, 2020

Good Morning Holkham Class,

Home Learning Grid

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and are looking forward to the week ahead. Here is your ‘Home Learning Grid’ for this week…Years-3-and-4-Home-Learning-Grid-WC-30.03.20-2. I really hope you enjoy some of the activities on it. Mrs Emery, Mrs Moyle and I all had a FaceTime meeting to create it, which was lovely and made me smile. Remember, you don’t need to complete all of these activities, they are just there to give you and your grown ups inspiration for learning opportunities.

This week’s English work focusses very much on a poetry writing competition  in partnership with Divine Chocolate and Christian Aid. I would love you to think about everything we have discovered about the origins of chocolate (check your Topic books) and write a poem in whichever style you prefer, share it with me via email and then enter the competition online using the information below!


Other Learning

I have uploaded more learning to Education City. Well done to all of you who have had a go at the learning on there. I will keep last weeks folder open so that you can still access anything from there you haven’t yet completed. Here is a link to a video on how can access ‘Play Live’. Play live allows you to play against real people around the whole world, Greyfriars Academy School or Holkham class. I know some of the children in Blakeney have been using it and really enjoying their learning time together.

Don’t forget to give your Tackling Tables a practice too. I bet you’ll all be much faster than me by the time we’re back a school together – maybe we could have a race! You can also practise your Year 3/4 Statutory spellings. Remember to look, say, cover, write and check each one until you get super fast and accurate.


Learning Celebrations

I have fantastic examples of learning to celebrate with you all today starting with Kristian, who has clearly had a very busy week last week. Working hard on Education City, practising multiplication to 5, drawing a delicious looking chocolate bar, answering questions on his favourite Poetry in English Book and, if that wasn’t enough, working in his Power Maths book. Wow! Well done Kristian, all of Holkham are very proud of your hard work. Good job for making sure you keep your body active too with outdoor football and basketball practise!

I can see Brayden has also been very busy. He sent an amazing poem written by him and his Dad called ‘My car tired to eat me’ and found an amazing poem by Darren Sandelli called ‘The silliest teaching in school’, both of which I will be reading to you in my latest video so keep checking back on here for that. He’s also been working hard on his times tables, Aztecs information posters and incredible Pokemon drawings. What a fantastic role model he is to the whole class. Luckily, he found time to enjoy the sunshine with Aris and the puppy too. I wish I had a swing set in my garden!

Nicole has written, learned and recited poetry by heart with actions, before sending me a video of her amazing performance. I will attached her video to mine for everyone to see – its fantastic! She has also been finding lots of key information on ‘The History of Chocolate’ and creating a timeline about the life of Christopher Columbus. Thank you Nicole!

Like Nicole, Teja has sent me a poetry recital video too, which I will uploaded as soon as a I can. Look closely and you’ll see her cat at the end of the video which made me smile. Teja sent me an email to tell me that she has been working every hard with her grown ups and completing daily activities on Education City and Tackling Tables. She has been reading lots of books from The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney. She told me that she’s finding Maths challenging but she’s persevering  and I’m sure will achieve her target. Well done Teja!

Final Messages

I hope you have a great week this week. Keep working hard. This week is the last week of term before you can enjoy your Easter holidays so keep showing that incredible effort I know you’re capable of, just like Kristian, Brayden, Nicole and Teja.

Don’t forget to email me with any question and photos/videos of your learning whenever you can. I really really enjoy seeing them.

See you soon,

Mr Sellers

Yera 3/4 Home Learning Grid

Posted on Monday, March 30th, 2020

Good morning all


We hope you had a good week last week. It was great to hear from so many of you and to see what you have been up to!


Here’s the home learning grid for the children in Years 3 & 4 for this week. We can’t wait to see what you achieve!

Have fun


Years 3 and 4 Home Learning Grid WC-30.03.20 (2)

Chocolate History Work3


Hello Holkham! – 27/03/20

Posted on Friday, March 27th, 2020


Good Morning Holkham,

Hope you’ve all had a productive week. I have seen some great examples of persevering and hard work in my emails this week. Thank you to all those children (and adults) who have been keeping me updated.

George has been working hard on poetry. I can see from his writing below that he has really considered his favourite type of poem and even wrote an example. I really like limerick poems too George! I wonder if anyone else can find more funny limerick poems like George?

Your chocolate bar design and ingredients list are fantastic. Who wouldn’t want to eat a chocolate bar called ‘Caramel Explosion’? And the chocolate cupcakes look delicious too – well done!

Rhys has been using Lexia this week and is showing fantastic progress. Likewise, I can see a huge development in his handwriting. Similarly to many other children around the United Kingdom, Rhys has been following Joe Wicks’ morning PE (with added weights). Talk about challenging yourself – wow! Let’s see if we can all be a little bit more like Rhys and keep active. Get your grown ups joining in too everyone!

As well as Joe Wicks’ PE there are lots of other things you could join in with. I have attached a picture below for you and you grown ups to see what’s on offer.

Lastly, Education City has been having a few problems due to lots of other children all trying to access at the same time. So they have moved the web address to https://go.educationcity.com/ – Your Username and Password will still be the same and I will update a new folder on Monday, as well as uploading your weekly ‘Home Learning Grid‘, which is now available on the first page of our website.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and look forward to catching up with you all next week.

Mr Sellers


Update! EducationCity

Posted on Friday, March 27th, 2020


EducationCity is up and working again at a slightly new address.


If you need a reminder of your login, please email me ( s.cook@gf.kwestacademy.com ) and I will sort that for you as soon as I can.

They had to work through the night to get it sorted, but it is done, so well done them!  They know how much you need it.

Take care (and wash your hands!)


Miss Cook


Posted on Thursday, March 26th, 2020

Good morning,

EducationCity is on it’s way to getting new servers because so many people are using it at the moment. I phoned them up and spoke to Kirsty, who said that this might mean that it’s difficult to log into today. Kirsty is going to email me when everything is up and running again.  She says they are working really hard because they know how much you all want to work really hard!

When I know more about it, I’ll let you know as well!

Take care,

Miss Cook

Happy Wednesday Holkham!

Posted on Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

Good Morning Holkham Class,

Hope you’ve had a successful couple of days. Have you seen the 3/4 Home Learning Grid yet? It’s now on the first page of our school website to make it easier to find. I know it can be difficult to be motivated when your not in school but I have no doubt your grown ups are doing a great job of helping you jump into, and most importantly climb out of, the Learning Pit! Why don’t you explain to them all about the Learning Pit today and maybe create yourself a poster to remind you of the amazing display we made outside of the classroom? I’ve included the image below to inspire you.

You could also have another go at Austin’s Butterly. Remember to keep your feedback really specific…


Well done everyone who has had a good go at the Education City work. Bethany and Karolis, I since you have completed the work I have added more activities to your folders – well done! Remember I would like to be able to fill my blog posts with examples of your home learning so please don’t forget you can email me anytime.

Have a great day,

Mr Sellers



A note for Holkham Adults: Remember to be kind to yourselves. I have no doubt you will all be doing the very best that you can. Keep in mind that this is not homeschooling. Homeschooling is a choice, which you would have considered, you’d have had more time to plan for and were you would be child’s school teacher in whatever form you chose. What this actually is, is an unusual emergency situation impacting on the whole world and we’ve all just got to do the best that we can. I’m at the other end of an email if you need anything. Thank you for your continuous support.


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