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Miss Shaw

I have been teaching at Greyfriars for the last 8 years after teaching for twenty years in Nottingham. I am currently in a mixed year 3 and 4 class but I have had experience across early years and in years 3 and 4. I also oversee science across the school and I have enjoyed providing extra-curricular experiences in this subject with a KS1 art club. I intend for our class to be a lively learning environment where all children are valued and listened to.

Outside of school, I enjoy family time with my son, cooking and reading.  My happy place is the beach, where I enjoy walking my dog.

Holkham’s End of Term.

Posted on Thursday, July 22nd, 2021

Cartoon children with text Happy holidays ⬇ Vector Image by © Prawny |  Vector Stock 64298257

Well we made it Holkham! Even in the heat of the summer we have been working hard to finish off the term.

We have taped our silent movies

we have performed our Music and we would like to share our work with you!

In PE we played team building games and we have closed our week with a fun swim!

Thank you for being a wonderful class Holkham have a great summer,  be safe and have a relaxing time ready to return to your new classes in September.

Miss Shaw and Mrs Lewis

Happy Holkham Learners.

Posted on Friday, July 16th, 2021

Well Holkham we have made it to the end of another week. We have struggled with understanding scales in maths this week and we have converted Kg to grams in year 3. Year 4 have also been working hard on

In literacy we have been looking at how to write a good persuasive text and we have had some good debates within the class.

In science we learnt about the life cycle of a flowering plant and we completed our posters telling readers about the functions of the parts of a plant.

In PE we had fun being challenged to complete different tasks for points. It was great fun!!

Next week we will perform some songs we have learnt on the ocarina for Miss Berners. We are all getting very excited.

Ava completed this Greek temple for her homework and Millie brought in her spellings and tackling tables.

Have a great weekend Holkham only 4 days to go!!!!

Hard working Holkham 9/7/21

Posted on Friday, July 9th, 2021

Once again we have had a busy week in Holkham. This week we have all had a go at writing our Hot Tasks in Literacy. We have all written a dilemma story and I am looking forward to reading them all this weekend.

In numeracy we continue to work through our power maths. Year three are now looking at mass while year 4 are looking at angles and 2D shapes.

In science this week we had fun dissecting flowers we identified all the parts and found the male and female parts and looked at how a flower goes through fertilisation and makes new seeds. Have a look at our dissection sheets.

Why not re-watch this video just to remind yourselves!

In PE this week we have been practicing for our class sports day which we will have in our lesson next week. Here are some photo’s to show you all the fun we had.

Our D.T. lesson was all about making our sandals. have a look at how we got on. We are proud as a class with our results.

In Computing we worked in groups to make some dramatic music to go along with our silent movies.

Well done to those children who have completed some homework off of the grid again this week I love seeing your work.

Here is Nicole’s picture of Medusa and Laben’s model of the Parthenon.

Christopher did a car colour count and recorded the number with a tally chart.

Ava drew some sandals and her garden.

Keep up the good work Holkham 9 school days days till the holidays!

Miss Shaw

Holkham successes

Posted on Friday, July 2nd, 2021

What a lot of people we have to celebrate from Holkham this week. We have had some very busy and creative children. I have loved receiving your photos; thank you for sending them.

Our  homework tasks seem to be very popular. Oscar has worked hard on his homework.

Oscars homework

Farrah has enjoyed making bread at home.

Farrahs bread making

In class we have been busy too. We have learnt all about churches and made some stained glass windows.

We have also begun to make our sandals following our designs. Have a look at how we made the patterns.

In Computing we are still working on silent movies we have done some acting and we are now going on to make the music that plays.

In PE we have been practising our running skills.

These children have all worked hard on Education city this week. Well done and keep up the good work!

Perhaps a few more of you could have a look at the activities on offer!

Have a great weekend

Miss Shaw

Holkham’s Hard Work w.e. 25/6/21

Posted on Friday, June 25th, 2021

Well Done Holkham on another fantastic week of hard work. Your attitude to learning continues to amaze me. Many of you scored over 8 in our spelling test this week which shows how hard you are working during your early morning sessions to learn your words.

You are also working hard on your tackling tables which is  shown in the scores you are achieving in your tests.

Congratulations to Devon for going over and above with her writing this week, Kristian who has taken what he has learnt in Maths and  Spanish to create a tally chart for the colours of cars that pass his house.

Oscar painted a beautiful vase for his Homework. Have a look!

Dexter and Imogen have also moved up a level in Lexia. Well done.

I would like to thank everyone for being so mature in our Jigsaw lesson this week where we looked at the changes that take place in our body externally as we grow. You asked some fantastic questions and listened well to the responses without being silly. Next week we will look at internal changes.

In PE you worked cooperatively to come up with your own challenges to cover aim,power and technique for throwing skills that are used in shot putt.

We have also designed our own sandals and are looking forward to making them next week.

Have a look at how well we are doing on the ocarinas’




You have achieved a lot this week.

Keep up the good work Holkham!

Have a great weekend and have a look at the activities on Education city that I have put up for Homework.

Miss Shaw

Summer Reading Challenge

Posted on Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021


Do you want something for your children to do in the summer holidays? Look at this reading challenge organised by Norfolk Library Service. Keep your little busy all summer and sign up today!

Parent Flyer NCC 

Summer Reading Activities Challenge V4

Keep calm and keep reading!!

Holkham’s Week 18th June

Posted on Friday, June 18th, 2021

Well Holkham what a busy couple of weeks we have had! We have now finished our units on time for mathematics and year 4 are moving on with statistics while year 3 will be looking at  angles and properties of shapes.

In literacy we have written a set of instructions for our hot task and we are now working on learning how to write a dilemma story. Our focussed text is The Great Kapok Tree.

Great Kapok Tree Model Text (2) (1)

In DT this term we are looking at the differences between greek sandals and sandals of today. This week we deconstructed a sandal to see how it was made we found leather for the straps and upper sole. foam padding for comfort, a hard plastic sole with a rubber sole on the bottom. The sandals were held together with glue, stitching and staples they also had nails holding the straps onto the hard sole. Have a look at our deconstructed sandal.

In science this term we are learning all about plants and we set up an experiment to show how the stems of a plant work. we are continuing to watch out flowers to see if they change colour.

In music we continue to use the ocarina’s and we are improving weekly.

In topic this week we looked at the Greek philosophers and thought about some questions they might have asked themselves.why not have a look at a few of them?

In PE we have been looking at athletic skills. We should have been running this week but it was far too hot so we continued to look at our throwing skills for shot and javelin.

In computing we are enjoying looking at the era of silent movies we have been trying to act scenes without speaking can you guess what we are doing?


Have a look at the homework we have completed off this terms homework grid!

I am so impressed with your work ethic at the moment Holkham. Keep up the good work!

Have a fantastic weekend

Miss Shaw

Holkham’s week

Posted on Friday, May 28th, 2021

Well we have made it to the end of another half term and what a busy one it has been. Thank you to everyone in Holkham class for working so hard and showing me what beautiful work you can produce.

In Maths we continue to work on time and we have been learning to tell the time to the minutes on an analogue clock.

In Literacy we have been writing instructions using subheadings for each part and we have all included a top tip at the end. This week we have planted sunflower seeds and written a set of instructions telling others how to do it.

Unfortunately we had to do PE inside this week due to the weather but we continued to practise our tennis skills.

In art we practised drawing Greek columns.Everyone had a really good go here are some of our efforts.

We have also painted our coil pots this week and they should be coming home after half term.

Congratulations to all those children who have been on Education city and had a go at the homework on time, I have extended the date until the end of half term if you still need to log on and have a go.

Here are some of our homework’s that have been completed this half term.

Well done to Lukas and Kristian for passing their next levels on Lexia.

Have a fantastic Half Term and stay safe.

See you all in a weeks time.

Miss Shaw


Holkham Celebrations 21st May

Posted on Friday, May 21st, 2021

Congratulations Holkham Class you have all been stars this week grappling with your pixl tests and working really hard.

As well as this we have all completed a portal story for our hot task this week, I’m going to have an exciting weekend reading them all.

Congratulations go to Aronas, Isabella , Dylan, Evie and   Samuel for moving up a level on Lexia. Keep up the good work!

We continue to work hard on our tennis skills but some of us need to improve our hand eye co-ordination.

In art we learnt how to make coil pots some of our efforts were amazing!

We are also working hard in computing trying to make a short animation with playdough and our chrome books.

In Maths we are learning to tell the time please try and practise this skill at home.

These children have worked hard on Education City this week. Well done to all of you, I would like to see more children having a go!

Have a great weekend

Miss Shaw

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