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Reception Curriculum Information Booklet NEW 2018

Year 1 and 2 Curriculum Information Booklet

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Year 1 and 2 Curriculum Newsletter Summer 1





Miss Sarah Cook

Hello!  My name is Miss Cook and I am the teacher of Heacham Class, which is a mixed class of Reception and Year 1.  We have a brilliant and experienced team of Teaching Assistants, Miss Fayers, Miss Clarke, Miss Jay and Mr Crawley, as well as Mrs Copsey, who teaches small groups.  We are an active and busy class, with a lot to achieve in the day!  I am also the Computing Lead, helping to ensure that the whole school knows how to be safe online.
Outside of school, I like camping in my VW, reading, knitting and baking.


KS1 Party Dance with Miss Penman

Posted on Thursday, June 25th, 2020

Many of you know Miss Penman who normally works in Cromer Class with Ms Nordloh.

She has created dance videos just for us! Here’s a Party Dance that you can learn. Let us know how you get on.


Stretch Session with Miss Penman

Posted on Thursday, June 25th, 2020




Most of you know Miss Penman, she normally works in Cromer Class with Ms Nordloh.

She has created a stretch session for all of our KS1 and KS2 children. We hope you enjoy it!



Happy Monday Heacham!

Posted on Monday, June 22nd, 2020

Good morning my lovelies,

How is your world?  This is the link for the home learning grid for this week.  There are some lovely things on here, and I’m really looking forward to doing the breathing exercises with the Yellow Bubble.  My favourite is Sun Breath!  Let me know what yours is.

Year 1 and 2 NEW

Also on there is the literacy for this week, which finishes up with writing a postcard from Sunny.  I love getting postcards from people when they go away.  My mum always sends one – the last one came from Iceland!  I wonder what Sunny would think of Iceland?  Do you think he’d like it?

We are going to be looking at nouns and expanded noun phrases this week.

This video mght be useful to you as it explains what nouns are.  We’ve talked about them before, but it was a long time ago!

These are the other bits you will need to complete the Home Learning Grid this week.  Let me know how you get on.

Boxing Up Grid (1)

Meerkat Postcard

Our topic work this week continues the theme of holidays, looking at holidays in the past and holidays in the present.  For that, you will need this Photo Pack. Seaside Photo Pack

Also, in our Science work this week, we are finishing up our work on parts of a plant.  Use this powerpoint ( Parts of Plants )  to help you to read up about it with your adult, and then there is a new EducationCity file that you might be interested in.  It’s called “What can you do?” and it’s very clever because you do the activity, and then it looks at what you get right, and what you get wrong, and helps you to get it right next time by giving you EducationCity work that can help you.  I’ll do a video when I get to school and show you how it works, then put it into a separate blog post because this one is getting too long already!  Your grown ups or the computer can read it all to you because it’s not about how well you can read.

We’re going to be carrying on our work on moving picture books, and doing a Little Red Riding Hood Wheel which will teach you how to spin for a different picture.  L R R H Wheel Instructions This one is about the wolf getting closer to Little Red Riding Hood, but you could make it anything!  What could you do?

Lastly (I think!) for Reception, there is a different home learning grid, as usual, and there is a story video to go with it! How exciting!  Who is telling the story?

Reception 22.06.20

Wasn’t it lovely to see Mrs Coleman again! I love the way she tells stories.

Right, so that all got a bit long really, so I’m going to leave it there and catch up with you all later in the week.  Stay in touch and let me know what’s happening in your world!


And always, ALWAYS, wash your hands!


Miss Cook

Heacham class – haven’t we done well!

Posted on Friday, June 19th, 2020

Good afternoon my lovelies,

We have made it through another week.

Some of us are now in Yellow Bubble.

Some of us are now in Red Bubble.

Some of us are now in Blue Bubble.

Some of us are still at home.

We are all still Heacham Class, we are all still in this together, and I am still here for all of you.

This week in school has been exciting in that we have shared in an assembly with the Duchess of Cambridge, who even in lockdown still has a lovely smile and a smiling face (and lovely hair, as one of my bubble said!)  If you didn’t get chance to see it, then the link is here.

We’ve had more frogs growing in the pond as well, which is exciting.

Out of school, there has been some great work being done.  Harper told me about her work but sent a photo of her relaxing with her dog.  Relaxing is just as important as working, so I’m pleased you’re getting both things done!  I’m also glad you are enjoying Winnie the Witch as well, I love reading those.  I think Harper has had a lockdown fringe cut as well!  I’m not brave enough to cut my hair though.

Alex has done a lot of work and several 9 mile bike rides!  That sentence makes me tired just typing it!

Alex and Freddie have done lots of reading on Bug Club, and Mollie-Mae and Alex have done a lot of EducationCity work as well.  Well done all of you.

The most important thing is that we are all safe and happy, and talking about the things that make us sad or worried as well as the things that make us happy and excited.

Take care, and remember to keep washing your hands!

Miss Cook

Virtual Big Sing 2020

Posted on Friday, June 19th, 2020

Good morning everyone!

Today is the day of the of the Virtual Big Sing 2020 starting at 2pm.

All you have to do to join in is click on the link below to join in.


This event we will be re-streaming VBS 2020 on Sunday 21st June at 2pm if you miss it today. You just need to click onto the same link as above.

Have a great time and enjoy singing with the stars!


Mrs Stanley

Virtual Big Sing 2020 – Friday 19th June

Posted on Wednesday, June 17th, 2020

Just to remind everyone it is only 2 days until the Virtual Big Sing 2020.

I hope you have been learning and practising the songs! It should be a fantastic memborable event and I have just heard Danny Jones of McFly has also signed up to sing along too!

On Friday morning of the Virtual Big Sing I will be sent a code  and instructions on how to tune in to the stream which I will post on the website.

Tune in at 2pm and join Mark De-Lisser and friends who will be joining you from around the world in with your performance.

Don’t forget to dress up in your best party clothes and party with us!

Mrs Stanley






Heacham 17th June 2020

Posted on Wednesday, June 17th, 2020

Good morning,

How are you all?  That’s a really important question!

In school, we are doing well.  Yesterday we started using the BBC Teach series of clips on feelings.  Yesterday was about being happy, and today is feeling sad.  There are quite a few in the series and so we are going to use them all to look at our feelings and think about what we can do about ones we don’t enjoy, and how we can make more of the ones we do enjoy.  Yesterday we also talked about how to make other people feel the enjoyable feeling of being happy.

https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/feeling-better/zhy6y9q  This is the link, but the blog isn’t letting me put photos on for now, so we’ll have to wit for that to be fixed.

In our story, Meerkat Mail, we watched it again and we made a list of things that we would take with us on a holiday.  What would you take if you were Sunny?  Today we are going to be practicing the story so that we have it firmly in our heads, and looking at each section to see who lived there and what the weather was like.  We’ve also made cone animals and used them to make up our own savannah stories with a meerkat.

We’ve also started using EducationCity individually. I have given each of the children I have here a quick phonics test and then matched them to the EdCity phonics to help them learn the ones that they don’t know!  If you’d like this done for your child, email me, and we’ll sort that out.  I’m going to do the same for basic maths later in the week, but we only have one computer, so it takes a little time!

In our science we are looking at parts of a plant, and creating our own plants to go on the wall.  The frogs are doing well and we have lots of babies.  If I can get a photograph today and get it to upload, I will do.  Yesterday we found an egg shell that the baby bird had hatched from and then the parent bird had tidied up the nest and thrown it out!  We think it was a wood pigeon.  Or a very small dragon.  But probably a wood pigeon.

When I get to school today I’m going to try and do a bit of video.  You remember all the trouble I had before when I tried to do it at home?  Well, I’m not giving up – we improve because we never give up!  Hopefully that will be better and then I can speak to all of you.

I will speak to you later,


Take care, and remember to wash your hands!


Miss Cook


Heacham 15th June 2020

Posted on Monday, June 15th, 2020

Good morning my lovelies,

Well, it’s another busy week and the changes I mentioned on Friday will start today.

Year 1 and 2

This is the Home Learning Grid that the children both in and out of school will be following.  There’s a lot on here, and I know it might seem like too much, but I think if you do what you can it’ll be marvellous.

The story we are using is called Meerkat Mail and it’s a lovely book all about going to different places to find what makes you happy.  You can watch the video here

In science we are going to be looking at parts of a flower in the classroom before we do the work on the home learning grid.  What do you know about flowers?  What flowers can you find around you?  Where do flowers grow?

In class we are going to be thinking about things that we are grateful for.  Each day we will find three things that make us smile!  Can you do that?

Right, I’ll see you when I see you. Remember to wash your hands!


Miss Cook

Heacham and Snettisham class 12/06/2020

Posted on Friday, June 12th, 2020

Good afternoon my lovelies,

Well, things are changing a little bit, aren’t they!  Some of you are back to school, and some of you are not.  Some of you are with me at school, and some of you are with different adults in different bubbles.

Another change is coming, because I won’t be doing the blog for Snettisham any more!  Mrs Coleman is going to be writing the blog, and the Home Learning Grid, and doing your EducationCity.

Speaking of EducationCity, this week’s shout outs and hurrah for the year 1 folder go to Alex, Ella-Rae and Harper, and for the Reception folder is Alex (again!) and Angel.  Wonderful work you lovely children!  From next week there will be just one folder, for Heacham class, and Snettisham children, you’ll just see one for your class as well, set by Mrs Coleman.

Another change is coming to the blogs as well, and here I am, throwing open a wide and joyous invitation to you!  If you’ve been working at home, send me a picture and say what you’ve been doing, and that will go on the Friday Showcase Blog which is this one, and on a Monday I’ll put up the links to the home learning grid.  When I can, I’ll add in extra days like I did with the frogs, and obviously I’ll keep you up to date with how Dexter The Enormous Puppy is growing.  At the moment he is 21 weeks old and weighs more than my 4 year old niece – 22 kg, which is 22 bags of sugar.  He’s a lot of dog!

We will all keep in touch as much as we can.  I am always here if you need me.

Take care (and wash your hands!)


Miss Cook


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