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Miss Sarah Cook

Hello!  My name is Miss Cook and I am the teacher of Heacham Class, which is a mixed class of Reception and Year 1.  We have lovely teaching assistants called Miss Jay and Miss Fayers.  We are an active and busy class, with a lot to achieve in the day!  I am also the Computing Lead, helping to ensure that the whole school knows how to be safe online.  As a class we work really closely with Snettisham class, learning from each other and sharing resources and ideas.

Outside of school, I like camping in my VW, reading, knitting and baking.


Happy Heacham!

Posted on Monday, June 21st, 2021

Hello from home!


This week started brilliantly with some excellent swimming behaviour on Monday and every one is now on floats – no woggle, no arm bands, just floats! Well done all of you.

On Tuesday we started reading Meerkat Mail. It’s an interesting read, and we’d already done some work on meerkats so we knew a bit about them.

Our Wellbeing Wednesday superhero was Zone Maker, who is about making space and being in your safe zone.  We talked about the places that we feel safe in, and how to make space when we feel unsafe.

We’ve also been practicing our square breathing this week, which has enabled all of us to focus our minds and stay calm.  If you’d like to have a look at home, here is the link.


On Thursday we finally said goodbye to halves and quarters in Power Maths and began a new topic of position and direction.

We looked at vocabulary with the Hip Hop Granny (KS1 Maths: Position & Direction – BBC Teach) and used this as our warm up, and then watched Kay the Bison lead the herd to a new waterhole How to follow directions – KS1 Maths – BBC Bitesize .  We were able to use our own pirate maps to plan our own routes and then we wrote stories to go with our maths work.

On Friday…. I don’t know! I wasn’t there.


I’m back on Tuesday morning, and I’m absolutely fine. (I’m a bit bored, and I miss you lot, but I’m fine.)

Take care and I’ll see you soon.

Look who has woken up! Somebody loves me!

Miss Cook


Heacham head into summer!

Posted on Tuesday, April 20th, 2021

Hello and welcome back!  We have had a very busy time this week.


Our maths work has been about multiplication, and we are starting it through skip counting and counting equal groups.

Our new PHSE work is called Jigsaw.  We have Jigsaw Jack and Jerrie Cat in our room, and we will be using them to help us talk about relationships this half term.  Because we can’t use the special chime bar that comes with the Jigsaw People, Miss Cook got out the xylophones for us to explore.  We were very loud to start with.  We also watched Patrick Moore play the xylophone from a long time ago.  He was very fast!


Now, we do our PE on a Thursday, and for the next half term we have a special PE teacher, Mrs Woods, who is coming in to teach our PE outside.  It was really good!  We must remember to have all of our PE kit, including trainers, for PE days.  It’s so much easier now we can come in to school in our kit.


In DesignTechnology we have been looking at the history of cars and starting to design our own.  We’ve also taken our own photos of our cars using the ipad.



What a busy time!  There’s more to come next week!


Take care,


Miss Cook

The end of the week again!

Posted on Friday, March 26th, 2021

Well, we are at the end of the week, and the end of the term, and the end of our monsters, and the end of our topic!

If you’d like to see the the last of the monster videos, you can see it here, and the children have brought home their monster work.  This has been a significant part of the children settling back into school, and thinking about who they are and how they deal with situations.

I wonder what our next wellbeing creatures will be?

We also had a lovely NightyNight Day to celebrate a late World Book Day.  It was a day of stories, and thinking about stories, and writing about stories, and generally enjoying stories!


Have a lovely break, and we’ll see you on the Tuesday for the start of a long summer term of learning!

Enjoy your Easter,


Miss Cook

Heacham’s busy week

Posted on Friday, March 19th, 2021

This week Heacham class have been very busy!

  1. We made helicopters and talked about how they work using air resistance.


2) We measured a lot of things in our maths lessons, and talked about the difference between length and height.

3) We dressed up as superheroes and did superhero work as part of raising money for Comic Relief.  We talked about the money, where it goes, and why it is important.


4) We even did Superhero Batman yoga!

5) We played outside a lot because the weather was nicer.

6) We did monsters for our wellbeing and found out about 4 different monsters, including Edison, who is a problem solving monster.  He is shaped like a light bulb because Thomas Edison invented lightbulbs.

7) We swam in two groups this week, so everyone had a time to swim! It was brilliant.  We can’t lend kits so you have to remember to bring your own.

It was a very busy week – and next week will be even busier!

Heacham are Happy to be Back!

Posted on Friday, March 12th, 2021

This week we have come back to school properly!

Here are our favourite things from this week :

  1. We have helped Eggmo find 5 monster friends as part of our Wellbeing work.  We have learnt about hobbies, and friendships, worries and self-esteem.  We have more monsters to meet next week!
  2. We have drawn around our feet to see how long they were using cubes.  This was part of our work on non-standard measures.
  3. We have compared lots of things in Power Maths, to see which ones are the longest and shortest, or the tallest and shortest.
  4. We couldn’t do PE outside because it was raining so much, so we did Jack and the Beanstalk yoga.
  5. We’ve started our new music for the term, which is the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.
  6. We’ve made something special to go home! We can’t tell you about it because it is a surprise!
  7. We watched this https://youtu.be/pqKFLPntcxs  to find out about how a parachute works. Next week we are going to find out about how a helicopter uses air resistance.

This week was a busy week.

Next week we will be able to bring book bags on Monday and Friday.  We will all also be able to swim on Monday in two groups, instead of every other week in four groups.

Heacham – we are nearly there!

Posted on Monday, March 1st, 2021

Wow!  What a week!

The live learning has gone really well, and it’s been lovely to see so many of you. If you haven’t made it yet, please make sure you do this week.

You’ll need your teams logins, and if you haven’t found them yet, they may be in your spam or junk folders.

First, we meet at 9am for a Good morning session where we go through the day and look at the phonics sound.  You then get on with the phonics and the children in the class get on with their phonics.

Next we meet at 10am for Literacy, and we are carrying on with Sayeeda the Pirate Princess.  If you have trouble opening the powerpoint online, do let me know via email, and I will send it to you.  I can’t work out why some people can and some people can’t at the moment, but I’m working on it!

After that, we have snack.

Finally we meet at 11am for Power Maths.

What a busy morning!





Did you see how I did that, using First, Next, After That, Finally?  What can you write, using that way of writing?


We are nearly there my children, nearly at the point where you and I can meet each other properly and get on with the job like we used to.  Things will be a bit different, but we are used to different and we are adaptable and we are amazing.


I will see *you* next week!


Take care (and wash your hands)


Miss Cook







Heacham mornings

Posted on Monday, February 8th, 2021

Good morning!

What a beautiful day. (Unless it’s snowing, in which case I will have just walked to work when you get this and I will be less happy!)

Firstly, I’m sorry that I haven’t been in touch with some people last week, and have been delayed in answering emails – I had a problem with my laptop lead and had to wait for a new one to come.

Let’s have a look at this week and what we’ll be doing.


0840-0900 – register and reading

0900-0940 – phonics and spelling

0940-1000 – Literacy

1040-1140 – maths

1200 lunch


Register and reading

You’ve got two reading books this week – Timmy’s Snowball, and Fun in the Snow.  Can you guess why I put those ones on for you?  This week, I’d like to know which one is your favourite.  Email me and let me know!

phonics and guided reading

Our phonics this week is looking at the soft ‘g’ sound, and the different ways that that is written. What words can you see in Mr Thorne’s video?  Write a sentence for the three you like the best – bonus points if you can get all three in the same sentence!


Power Maths Unit8 lesson 3





Register and reading

phonics and guided reading

Now, I nearly didn’t put this one in, because Geraldine (who has a soft ‘g’) is very, very naughty in this one.  I think that she needs to learn some manners!  I know that none of you could ever make this many bad choices in one go!



Power Maths Unit8 lesson 4





Register and reading

phonics and guided reading

In this video, I’d like you to see which letter follows the ‘g’ most often – is it gi, ge, or gy?  All of those usually make the ‘g’ into a soft sound.



Power Maths Unit8 lesson 5





Register and reading

phonics and guided reading

Today we have a different phoneme and grapheme, but one that is often muddled with soft ‘g’ when you are writing.  Today we are looking at ‘dge’.


Power Maths Unit8 lesson 6





Register and reading

phonics and guided reading

For your phonics this Friday, I’d like you to look for the sounds that we have looked at in your reading books.  Can you find them?  If not, where else could you look?


Power Maths Unit8 end of unit check



Heacham Afternoons 8/2/21

Posted on Monday, February 8th, 2021

Welcome to another week of afternoon work! It’s nearly half term, you’ve nearly made it!


This week we are choosing our favourite Yoga activities from Cosmic Yoga on YouTube.  We’ll also be using some Zen Den videos!


Little Red Riding Hood. 5: Wolfie went a-walking – BBC Teach

This week we are focusing on the wolf.  Where is he going? What is he doing?

The music to listen to is Spring from the Four Seasons by Vivaldi.  Do you think this sounds  like spring?




As a complete change from collage, we are going to be looking at our emotions as it is Children’s Mental Health Week.  Follow along with Pablo’s live lesson, and see how he gets on.  I’d love some magic crayons!



We know a lot about shadows and light and dark now, but how do we see light?  Have a look at the BBC page here to see how the eye works.

How does the eye detect light? – BBC Bitesize

How could you explain this to your adult?


This week, we are looking at the Chinese New Year story as those celebrations start on Friday.

Have a look at these children explaining how they celebrate Chinese New Year.

Chinese and Lunar New Year – CBeebies – BBC

Safer Internet Day

On  Tuesday, it is Safer Internet Day, which we celebrate at Greyfriars every year, working hard to help our children use the internet safely and kindly.  We are all responsible for making a nicer internet.

This year, the theme is “An internet we trust – exploring reliability in the online world.”

Safer Internet Day 2021 | Safer Internet Centre

Heacham children in school will be working on activities from here : For work with 3-7s | Safer Internet Centre

We will also be taking part in the 1100 online live lesson from the BBC

Safer Internet Day – Live Lesson – BBC Teach

We are going to be using Detective Digiduck! – Childnet to help us learn about the story, and I have parent links available if you would like them.


If you have any questions or you’d like more resources for this, please let me know.


Take care,


Miss Cook




Heacham afternoon work

Posted on Monday, February 1st, 2021

Good afternoon!  This is a touch late going up as I’ve had computer problems, but it’s ok, it’s all sorted now, so let’s get on!

We’re finishing off the YogaQuest this week as we head to Party Town with Jamie.  The first one is Calypso the flamingo – she’s having a birthday party!


This week the story has Little Red Riding Hood heading into the woods. However, she must remember to stay on the path!

Little Red Riding Hood. 4: Stay on the path – BBC Teach


How did you get on with your Fire of London collage last week?  What else could you make a collage of? Have a try and send me a picture!



Terrific Scientific – Light – BBC Teach

This page has a really good video, as well as an investigation that you could try if you have time.


Can you try making hand shadows with the posters to help you? Can you make the shadow larger? Or smaller?

When do we see shadows around us?



This week we are starting our creation stories.  Have a look at the pictures on this one, and ask an adult to help you with the words.


This is the Christian creation story, and we will be looking at other creation beliefs over the next few weeks.


I hope you enjoy all these exciting things to do in the afternoons!


Take care,


Miss Cook

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