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Ms Nordloh

My name is Michelle Nordloh and I have been at Greyfriars since 2009. I love maths and will talk about it to anyone as it is the MOST important and fun subject in the WORLD! Amazing Maths Fact If you enter Pi to two decimal places (3.14) in the your calculator and look at it in the mirror, you’ll see it spells ‘pie’. Try it!)

Outside of school I like to read (about maths) knit, and go to Costa.

In this classroom, we believe we can, and so we do!

Cromer Blog, Friday 18th September, 2020

Posted on Friday, September 18th, 2020

Hello Everyone,

Quick Reminder:

P.E. on Tuesday – please come to school in your P.E. kit.

Swimming on Wednesday – please bring your kit. Week beginning 21st September is for groups 3 and 4.

Please don’t bring anything from home except your coat/jacket and a packed lunch (if you aren’t having school dinners).

The Mystery of the Blue Greyfriars Academy Cardigan

In Cromer Bubble we have a mystery. On the first week of term somebody left his/her cardigan at school.  As no other children are allowed to enter our bubble it must belong to someone in this bubble.  However, no child has claimed it.  It has no name and is size 11-13.  It has no distinguishing marks.  It looks new. Here is a photo of the cardigan:

Please help us solve this mystery.  It must belong to someone in the Cromer Bubble.  Parents/carers are you missing a Greyfriars Academy cardigan?


As promised here is a picture of our rainbow that we made last week.  Miss Lanham and Mrs T pieced it together and put it on display.  I think it looks lovely – what do you think?


We started Power Maths today – we’re working on place value.

In literacy we started to think what could be behind certain doors.  Some of the doors were really unique.  Some of us came up with some really interesting ideas!

Our topic in science is ‘Earth in Space’.  We’ve got a lot of questions we want answers to!  Time for some research…




We wrote the first verse of our class poem.

Here are some pictures of us hard at work:

We also worked on safe passwords in computing.  We learnt that most people don’t change their passwords often enough and even use passwords such as ‘password’ and ‘12345678’. We looked at what makes a strong password:

  • use letters and numbers
  • use a minimum of 8 characters
  • don’t use personal information
  • use characters like brackets
  • use a mixture of capitals and lower case letters
  • use a sentence / song lyric instead of a word
  • only use the first letters of that sentence
  • use different languages

You can check the strength of your password at:

In R.E. we asked the question, “How far would you go to stand up for something you believe in?” 

We talked about war and whether we thought it was wrong, right, or wrong but right under certain circumstances.  We decided on ‘wrong but right under certain circumstances’ and put it into context with World War II.

We had our first P.E. lesson of the year with Mr. Collison.  It was great fun.  We investigated how many laps we could do of the playground and how long we could balance on one foot!



We wrote some more of our poem, did Power Maths, groups 1 and 2 went swimming and we started our work on Pop Artists.

We had a go at some of our own Pop Art, what do you think?


We started off with Power Maths, finished our poem and did some topic work.

What do you think of our poem?

The Door

I opened the mysterious door and saw a million ghosts devouring a tiny man’s soul.

I opened the mysterious door and heard an eagle’s screech from miles away.

I opened the mysterious door and smelt a big puff of charcoal grey smoke from the burning fire.

I opened the mysterious door and touched a small, thin coat of fur.

I opened the mysterious door and found a menacing silhouette climbing up the wall.

I opened the legendary door and saw an angel’s paradise falling from the sky.

I opened the legendary door and heard the crackling of the wrappers from the presents.

I opened the legendary door and smelt the crisp smell of aromatic duck.

I opened the legendary door and touched a phoenix’s golden feather.

I opened the legendary door and found the damp walls of the Lighthouse.

I opened the ancient door and saw the Great Pyramid of Giza.

I opened the ancient door and heard a dead man walking.

I opened the ancient door and smelt a strange odour leaking from the ceiling.

I opened the ancient door and touched a grizzly bear’s curled, black foot.

I opened the ancient door and found the Tomb of King Tutankhamen.


Some of us also drew a door that we imagined as we wrote our class poem.  Take a look:

Some of those doors I wouldn’t open! Would you?


Funky Friday:

Most of us dressed in our normal clothes (not school uniform) we did Power Maths and also did some assessment work.

I’m looking forward to next week.  Some of the activities we will working on are: idioms in literacy, place value in maths, Earth in Space for science, swimming, P.E., Pop Art in art, plus lots more!



These spellings will be tested next Friday:

Year 5:












Year 6:












Have a great weekend – I look forward to seeing you next week!

Cromer Bubble 11.09.2020

Posted on Friday, September 11th, 2020

Hello Cromer Bubble,

It has been great to get back to school and see you all again!  I really missed not having a class of children!

We’ve had a great time in the Cromer Bubble this week. Naturally, things have been different, but we’re getting used to them.  We are together in our bubble all the time.  Obviously, we do lessons together, but we also eat together, have break time and lunchtime play together and we even go to the loo together!  We are going to know each other really well by the end of year!

We had two different start dates.  Children whose names were in the first half of the alphabet started on Monday, while the children whose names were in the second half of the alphabet started on Tuesday.  Everyone came to school for the rest of the week.  We had a new girl join our bubble on Wednesday.  Her name is Erica and we are really pleased she has joined our bubble.

For the first few days we had a lot of space!  We started the Phoenix Rising Curriculum:



Now we are back at school, we talked about the wishes that we have for this year and made a display for the corridor:


We also discussed our worries, and displayed them too:


We also thought about all the things we are grateful for and made a tree for the classroom:

Another difference is eating lunch altogether in the classroom.  We like it!



This week for playtime we have been playing in the garden outside our classroom window. We have all enjoyed being able to play together:


We’ve also been thinking about the metaphor of rainbows coming after a storm.  We created the rainbow and we all coloured part of it.  Here is the work in progress:




Hopefully, we will be able to put the finished rainbow on our blog next week.  Look out for it!

If you’re looking for something to do, have a go at this really tough  Spot The Difference!  There are 7 differences to find.  Good Luck.

See you next week!

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