Blakeney Dress Up Friday 22nd October

Blakeney Class have earned a reward day! As a result of all their hard work, they have filled up the Class Points marble jar and so they get to decide on what reward they have.

This term, they have decided to have a Halloween dress-up day! The children will get to dress up as the ghoulish creature of their choice (as long as it doesn’t scare the little ones)!

In order to give you plenty of time to find or create a costume, we have chosen Friday 22nd October for the dress-up. That’s next Friday and it’s the last day of term.





The children are also very excited about the fact that they keep finding little spiders in their trays or on their seats. Do be warned, as they may be bringing a little critter home to you! Don’t worry though, it’s a fake one and the kids love it (I checked with them first). It must be our animal welfare topic having an impact on them – they have become compassionate about all Earth’s creatures, even the creepy crawlies!

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