Blakeney’s Weekly Celebration

Hi everyone,

this week’s shout-out is going to Rhys, Anna and Alfie for engaging so well with our English text, ‘Voices’, by Anthony Browne. While the whole class impressed me with the way they joined the conversation, these three children stood out for their thought-provoking and insightful observations about the characters in the story. Quite honestly though, I have never seen the class so excited about their reading; all were joining the conversation and getting involved with the interpretation in their groups. This is some of the ‘graffiti art’ produced by the children while we read the story:











I also want to share with you a project that four of our children initiated during lunch breaks this term; Toby, Patrikas,  Tyler, and David have been learning a real-world skill – how to create a tile mosaic! All children learned how to work cooperatively and safely in producing a table mosaic for the school. We have just about finished and only had the grout to put on when we went into self-isolation. Not to worry boys – I will go in over the summer break and put the grout on and then upload the finished product for you to see on the website. This is how it was looking just before we finished (with a little help form Bethany and Carina):









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