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This week in Cromer Bubble we have had our own sports day thanks to Mr. Collison.

There were five different events:

  1. Running
  2. Javelin
  3. Bean bag throw
  4. Tennis ball balance
  5. Shotput

The weather was quite cool for July so we were able to run around.

Pippa’s team got 61 points

Harlee’s team got 130 points

A.A.C.’s team got 244 points

Jamie’s team got 275 points

Kacie’s team got 382 points


Altogether Cromer Bubble scored 1092 points!

Blakeney scored: 996.5 points.

Winterton scored: 1068 points.

Here we are doing the shotput:

Here we are balancing the tennis ball:

Passing the baton in the running race:

Here we are balancing the tennis ball:

Hanging out and playing the javelin:

Over and Above:





Spelling Test:

The following people got full marks on the spelling test:

  • Emily
  • Isaac
  • Jasmine
  • Franky
  • Pippa
  • Charlie
  • A.A.C.
  • Nicole
  • Harlee
  • Erica

Cromer’s Year 6 Leavers’ Party:

Here we are all together:

We had a water fight!

Having a go a limbo:

Here we are with the Year 5s:

“It was really fun.” Jasmine.

“I got so wet!” Jessica.

A big thank you to Miss Frost and Mrs. Gorman and the rest of FrOGS for organising this event.

See you next school year!

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