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Blakeney’s Celebrations

This week, I think Bethany, Rhys and Thomas deserve a pat on the back because they worked really well to draw 3D shapes in Maths. Asif, Logan and Carina have also been working independently in their Power Maths while Joseph, Andreas, Andrew and Sonny have been going over and above to push their understanding by doing Year 9 and even GCSE level Maths. Lukas and Adriana — really engaged in lessons and have been developing their confidence in lots of ways… In English, Alfie achieved a target he’s been trying to achieve all year and did an excellent job with editing his writing. A shoutout goes out to the whole class for finally discovering that ‘this reading comprehension lark’ is not as hard as they thought! Now they have the strategies and the quick-find techniques they need. They really understand the importance of taking it one step at a time, one question at a time until they achieve the objective in a task.

While I love telling you about all the weekly achievements, I’m going to hand over to the children now and allow them to tell you who they nominate for a weekly shout-out and to tell you what they’ve been learning this term…

Shout-outs and nominations from the class go to…

Luja: This week, I think Freya deserves a pat on the back because she helped many people with learning.

Freya: This week, I think Luja deserves a pat on the back because she has been helping other people in computing.

Joseph: I think Andreas, Andrew, Sonny, Freya, Alfie and Joseph (me!) deserve a pat on the back because they were all doing year 9 maths extensions, including ratios, directional proportions and interpreting graphs. 

Andrew: I think Joseph deserves a mention as he helped me when I struggled with ratios.

Sonny: I think Joseph, Andrew and Andreas deserve recognition because they helped people in maths this term.

Joseph: I also want to nominate Nancy, Logan G, Logan H, Andrew, Andreas and myself for doing very well in swimming. 

Andreas: I nominate Toby and Rhys for showing excellent behavior for learning this week. 

Alfie: I choose lukas and Thomas for improving in English. 

Evie: I think Freya deserves a pat on the back for helping Asif and Logan and being really patient working with others. She always listens to what others have to say.

Rhys: I want to give a shout out to David because he helps me out with DT.

David: I think Rhys deserves a pat on the back because he helped me with spelling and Maths. I also think Ms Black deserves a shout out because she helps me stay calm and lets me colour.

Ksenia: I want to give Logan G a pat on the back for his English – he’s been working really hard on it.

Adriana: I nominate Karolis for clever DT, Joseph for good French, Evie for PSHE (kindness), Rhys for his amazing sunflower planting, Sonny for being clever in Maths, and Freya for doing extra work in Topic.


Some of our learning this term:

Freya and Luja: This term in English, we have been working on news reports and deciding what is biased or not. We also have learned what news is real or fake as well as language to make our reports more formal…

Andrew, Sonny and Joseph: This term in Maths Extensions we have been doing ratios, fractions, (a 30 page year 9 booklet) directional proportional, inversely proportional, angles and now we are doing interpreting line graphs.

Joseph and Andreas: This term in swimming, we have been improving in front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and dolphin kick (half of butterfly). We love swimming!

Evie: In reading comprehension, we have been working towards taking what’s in the text as the answer – even the spelling and the way it is written as that helps us.

Rhys: This term in DT, we’ve been designing objects to make our lives at school easier. For example, a catapult ball returner, a fight breaker-upper, a walk home object holder, and an automatic chair elevator 9to see the board from the back of the room). We’ve designed from different views and made changes to strengthen structures or make it waterproof.


Ms Black: We’ve also been doing a little extra-curricular drama, art and gardening:


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