Welcome to the weekend Winterton!

Welcome to the weekend!

We have again been working really hard this week – discussing girlfriends and boyfriends, learning more about revolutions, finishing our current maths units and becoming news reporters. Well done to all of you for your hard work in writing your news reports. We had a very mixed selection – gorillas eating people, shape shifters on the run, chickens causing traffic jams, the Houses of Parliament on fire (as well as a cafe in Paris), robots taking over the world, flying motorcycles, penguins travelling to New York, seals found dead on Hunstanton beach, albino orangutans and albino giraffes, seagulls stealing chips, a young girl breaking into a house, cancelled proms and reports on basketball and football games! Congratulations to those of you that received ‘superstar’ awards for your efforts.

Our attendance rewards this week were won by: Lily, Stephanie, Amber, Arminas and Azuolas who kindly passes his reward onto Evelyn. Very generous of you Azuolas!

Congratulations to the following for moving up a level in Tackling Tables:









Nearly everyone in the class is now on Red Level which is the highest level in the scheme – well done, but remember there are 11 sub-levels in red level and no-one has reached the 11th yet! Keep working 🙂

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday

Mrs. Marshall 🙂

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