Holkam’s week

We have had another busy week in Holkham class. This week we have been concentrating on settings and we have been writing descriptive paragraphs on them. We have also been learning about subordinate clauses and main clauses.

Here are a couple of our descriptions of settings.


In math’s year three are still working on fractions, this week we have been adding and subtracting fractions why not have a look at this short u-tube video.


In PE this week we put the skills we have been learning previously to get the ball over the net. We used forehand, backhand, lobs and drop shots to get the ball over the net. we had three levels to try and achieve.

Level 1 was to get the ball over the net.

Level 2 was to achieve this consistently and level three was to hit a target when doing this. Here are some photo’s most of us achieved level 1 and 2 while some of us also managed to hit a target. We all worked together well and enjoyed our lesson.

In art we started to make mosaics of Medusa. why not have another look at the story.


At the end of last week we made Thaumatropes here are some pictures of what we made when you spin the stick in your hand it looks like the bird is in its cage.

Well done to Dexter, Ethan and Grace who have moved up a level in Lexia.

Have a great weekend Holkham and try to complete a homework task to show me next week.

Miss Shaw


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