Snettibrations! (05/12/21)

Hello everyone,

I can see you have all had a busy week. It’s been so great to speak with so many families this week and share your children’s ‘Home Learning’ success stories. Remember to look at my email for more guidance on what your child’s next steps are.  If you would like anymore advice on how you can support and/or evidence these milestones using Tapestry please contact me and we can work together on these.

Brody has been baking cake with Mum at home. Practising his mixing, counting and tasting!

Eddie wrote his numbers to 25 before going for a 5 mile walk to burn off some energy. He came across some calves too. Eddie’s Mum said he’s just  like Dr Dolittle as all animals seem to be so interested in him. Eddie and his Mum were talking about the good things cows do for us and Eddie knew they make us milk for our cereal and cheese and butter for our sandwiches. Wow Eddie!

Edward has been practising his writing and numbers. Edward cooked his favourite pita breads and he was pretending to walk to Granny’s house like in Little Red Riding Hood. Well done Edward!


Freddie has had a busy week too. He’s sent me fantastic videos of his counting on Tapestry. He and his Mum used wooden blocks to help him with his Maths. He started by finding 5 blocks and 1 block checking the right amount by counting the blocks altogether. Great job Freddie!

Jessica, has been sending us examples of her beautiful handwriting and I can see she has been able to find the ‘igh’ trigraph in her words. I loved how she used the plates to create a part-whole model in Maths! Well done Jessica!

Olliver has been working hard at home designing a beautiful new cloak for Little red Riding Hood and using his computer. I think Little Red would love it Olliver!

Shaya has been working heard at home matching objects together and practising reading and writing her Tricky Words. Shaya has also been finding words rhymes. Great job Shaya.

Education City 

Well done Shaya, Callum, Eddie, Freddie, Maxim, Olliver and Melis for all of your hard work on Education City this week. It’s lovely to see all of your hard work on there!

Final Messages

As always, remember to access the wonderful worlds of Education City and Bug Club. Work is set on these platforms weekly to support you and your children. I would love to see their work on Tapestry so, with your expressed permission, I can share it with their friends and other families in my Friday blogs. If you would like to contact me via email to arrange a phone call for any additional support please do so.

Have a restful weekend and I look forward to speaking with you next week.

Stay safe,

Mr Sellers

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