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Good Morning Cromer Bubble,

Welcome to another week of work in lockdown.

I hope you are all well and staying safe in these crazy times.

Please keep in touch, I love to hear from you.

This is a copy of the timetable we are using in class.  I thought I would include it in case you wanted to follow the same timetable.  You don’t have to, that’s one of the good things about lockdown (one of the very few good things about lockdown), you can do it in whatever order you would like.


Power Maths Login and clicking on ‘Log in’.  Your child’s username is his/her first name, plus the first letter of your surname – all lower case, no spaces. (For example, if the name was Sam Brown, your username would be samb).  The password is his/her class name, all lower case (for example, cromer) and the School code is HCCT.  When logging you go to ‘My Stuff’ and you will find your child’s text book and workbook.

Mathematics Year 5

Monday, 1st February

Power Maths (Unit 8 Lesson 8 – Fractions as Division)

Optional Oak Academy lesson Fractions and Division:


Tuesday, 2nd February

Power Maths (Unit 8 End of Unit Check)

Optional Oak Academy Teacher-led Fractions and division:


Wednesday, 3rd February

Power Maths Unit 9 Lesson 1 (Adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator)

Optional Oak Academy Teacher-led recorded lesson (optional):


Thursday, 4th February

Power Maths Unit 9 Lesson 2 (Adding and subtracting fractions)

Optional Oak Academy Teacher-led recorded lesson:


Friday, 5th February

Power Maths Unit 9 Lesson 3 (Adding and subtracting fractions)

Optional Oak Academy Teacher-led recorded lesson :


Mathematics Year 6

Monday 1st February

Unit 8 End of Unit Check (percentages)

A quick quiz on percentages:


Tuesday 2nd February

Algebra, Unit 9, Lesson 1 ‘Finding A Rule (1)’


Wednesday 3rd February

Algebra, Unit 9, Lesson 2 ‘Finding A Rule (2)’


Thursday 4th February

Algebra, Unit 9, Lesson 3 ‘Using A Rule (1)’


Friday 5th February

Algebra, Unit 9, Lesson 4 ‘Using A Rule (2)’



This week, we are starting to look at discussion texts. Our model text is: Should Daleks be allowed to live on Earth?

Find all lessons from Monday to Friday on this PowerPoint: NEW PP-for-Literacy


Comprehension and Spelling

Year 5 Spelling:












Year 6 Spelling:












Year 6 Spelling:

Monday, 1st February

Reading Comprehension (Vocabulary in Context) lesson powerpoint: R2a Can show an understanding of the meaning of vocabulary in different contexts (1)

If you would like a copy of the PowerPoint, please email me (I can’t put the PowerPoint on here due to copyright reasons).


Tuesday, 2nd February

Reading Comprehension (Using skimming skills)

Quiz 1 (Vocabulary in Context): Test 1 (1)

 Spelling Lesson 

Practise writing your spelling words down using cursive script. Work towards these targets:

  • Try to be consistent in the size and height of your letters, remembering that capital letters should be twice as big as lower case letters.
  • Try to improve the shape of your letters.
  • Keep your words on the line.


Wednesday, 3rd February

Spelling and Handwriting Practice – Practice writing your words in sentences using joined script (If you would like a challenge, maybe you can try using all the words to create a story ). Work towards these targets:

  1. Use the correct spellings
  2. Be consistent in the width and height of your letters, remembering that capital letters should be twice as big as lower case letters.
  3. Improve the shape of your letters.
  4. Keep your words on the line.

Reading for pleasure

Read a book of your choice or a book from Epic! Follow the instructions for mobile or laptop/desktop devices and explore the site or read a book that I assigned to you.


Thursday, 4th February

Spelling practice – Do the homophone match-up worksheet: Homophones Match Up (year 5) Do Mr. Whoops Juggling Muddle

Reading Comprehension (Vocabulary in Context) Quiz 2 :Test 2 (1)


Friday, 5th February

Reading Comprehension work (Vocabulary in Context) 

Quiz 3: Test 3 (1)

Spelling test – ask someone to test you on your word list.

Afternoon Lessons


Monday, 1st February

PE: Home PE Battleships Level 2 and Blast Off! More great fun!

Home PE Battleships Level 2

Home PE Blast Off

Music (Signed Performance): Create a signed song.


  • Compose and perform melodic signed song.
  • Create signed movements that communicate meaning and emotion of verses and chorus. 

In previous weeks, we have studied how performers sign songs rhythmically with hands, bodies and expressions in order to communicate a message. This week, you will choose a song of your own and create signed movements of your own to effectively convey the message of the song.

You can perform the song to an adult or sibling. Alternatively, ask an adult to film it and send it to me!


Tuesday, 2nd February

Computing: Touch Typing

Children will continue to brush up on their touch typing skills – this will be invaluable to them as they move forward in their education. Typing at speed will really set them up well for all those assignments they’ll need to write in secondary school!

Go to this website:

It’s an absolutely brilliant way of learning to touch type by having fun.  Many of you have tried it before and you love it so – enjoy!

RE: In this lesson, we will explore how we should treat people and reflect on our own views. We will also consider how Christians and non-religious people think we should treat people. Read through the lesson and complete the tasks on this worksheet. You will also need the story of the Good Samaritan during the lesson:

RE Lesson

RE Good Samaritan differentiated reading


Wednesday, 3rd February

Science: Human Circulatory System – Functions

Today we are going to look again at the human circulatory system. But this time, we are going to focus on the functions of the heart, the blood vessels and blood by investigating how the different parts of the circulatory system work.

Follow the lesson powerpoint and the activities on it.

Lesson Presentation Circulatory System – Functions

Reading Comp. Easy Level      Reading Comp. Med & Hard Level     Reading Comprehension Question Sheet

                                                                                  Who Wants to be a Millionaire – Circulatory System Template


Thursday, 4th February

Topic: Our key question this week is: How is global warming affecting Arctic life and the environment there?

In this lesson, you will find the answer to this question and will create an impact report. There will be a focus on key vocabulary too. 

There is one lesson presentation with tasks included on it. There are two videos to watch. 

Topic Lesson Week 5


Friday, 5th February

Art (Who was Piet Mondrian? )

Piet Mondrian (1872–1944) was a Dutch artist who remains well known for his abstract paintings, many of which use squares and rectangles. In 1917, he was part of a group of four Dutch artists called ‘De Stijl’ who all worked in an abstract style and reduced their paintings to straight lines, plane surfaces, rectangles and primary colours combined with black, grey and white. Mondrian’s designs have been used as inspiration for fashion, including six cocktail dresses designed by the famous designer Yves St Laurent, in 1965 

 Watch youtube clip for a quick summary of Mondrian’s style. Then go through Tate presentation:  

POP tasks 

Give an example of how Mondrian’s use of media and materials has led to his art being used by a fashion designer.  

Why did Mondrian use strips of transparent paper? What other materials did Mondrian use and how did he use them? 

Why is Mondrian’s painting Composition C with Red, Yellow and Blue typical of his style?  

Describe how Mondrian thought about his choice and location of colour.  

What important effects did Mondrian try to create with his artwork?  

Which two features did Mondrian continually explore with his designs?  

What changes did he make to the lines he used within his designs? 


I hope you get on well with this week’s work.  If you have any problems, please email me and I will do what I can to help.

Please keep in touch and send me photos of your work.

Take care and stay safe.

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