Blakeney’s Mid-Week Feedback

Hello Blakeney Class!

I hope you are all well and following the daily planning that is set out on the blog. I would like to see work coming in to me from everyone so that I can provide you with feedback. This can be done by sending a photo or sending a document to my email address as others are doing.

There is some class feedback I’d like to give you all – things I’ve noticed that are going well or could be better generally:

Class Feedback

Maths –  seeing some great work coming in. At the end of every maths lesson be sure to check your work against the answers and tick or correct your answers using a different colour pen before sending me the work – just like we do in class. Before going on to do the next day’s work, spend some time looking back at any errors you’ve made previously and try to figure out where you went wrong and how to get to the right answer. This is where the real progress tends to be made.

English – I’ve seen some lovely storyboards showing good understanding of how the story is structured in paragraphs. I’ve also seen children making use of a dictionary for the definitions. That’s an important skill. I’ve also noticed that you’ve been giving a lot of thought to the questions about the text in your Tell Me Square work. Make sure you continue to work on presentation, handwriting and spelling whenever you do any writing!

Science – Some brilliant clear diagrams and accurate labelling. Precise and appropriate answers to questions are good to see and children have shown understanding of the key questions in the lesson.

Topic – work has shown you following the powerpoint lesson and are engaging well with our focus on Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect. Fantastic!

Spelling – Evidence that children understand the spelling pattern focus is suffix –tious/-ious .  Sometimes there is the occasional error when there are lots of syllables in a word (a long word). Try to look out for this and really make sure you focus on that suffix spelling.

Guided Reading – some great efforts here. The quiet time at home without distractions seems to be helping you to focus! Again – make sure you check your answers with a tick or correction before sending it to me.

Note on expectations.

Read the question in bold and read the instructions below once you find the one that sounds like you:

Are you one of the pupils in my class who usually works very independently with the minimum of adult intervention? 

If that sounds like you, you are an independent learner in class. Therefore, I think you should be able to keep up with the target of doing 4 hours of work daily without needing much adult supervision at all. I’m hoping you are doing that already but if not, please start applying yourself with the same determination that I see at school.  I am expecting that you are able to complete the morning work that is set every day and at least one of the afternoon subjects every day. What do you think?

Are you one of the pupils in my class who usually needs to call a teacher over to help you several times in the lesson?  

If this sounds like you, then I imagine you will need the help of an adult from time to time. Maybe to help you get started and then leave you to get on once you are confident you know what you’re doing. You might need to call that adult over again once or twice during the hour that you are doing your lesson. The key thing is to increase your independence as soon as you feel you can and to not become over-reliant on adult supervision. This will lead to more progress. Can you do that? I expect you to try and get through the morning work – you might not finish it all but give it your best shot and I’ll be really proud of you. In the afternoon, choose one of the subjects (Topic, Science, Art, Music, PE etc) that you would like to have a go at (you don’t have to do two). Again – give it a go and do what you can. After completing your day’s work, you will be free to reward yourself with Playsation/Xbox or anything else you want to do!

Are you one of the pupils in my class who ususally needs the help of a teacher alot during a lesson?

If this sounds like you, then I think you will need an adult to help you quite a lot in the morning and that can be very hard for the adults who probably have their own work to do. Therefore, I expect you to do what you can – you won’t finish everything and that’s ok. But if you can say: “I learned something useful today” then I think you should be very proud of yourself. I will certainly be proud of you! If the adult cannot sit with you as much as you need, don’t forget there are lots of good lessons to be learned on CBBC every day. They are providing a full schedule of learning for children that you will find interesting for sure!

I hope you are well. If I haven’t already called you, I will be calling today or tomorrow to check you’re all okay and to give you the chance to discuss any problems or successes.

I look forward to speaking with you!

Ms Black





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