The Week Ahead in Brancaster Bubble – Monday 23rd November 2020

If you need to self-isolate this week then please make sure you work through the lessons and activities below. New learn screens and activities on Education City are also updated weekly on a Monday morning and can be found at

As always, I can be contacted via the school office or on my email – Don’t hesitate to email and let me know if you need anything to support your learning. I look forward to seeing your completed work.

Suggested Timetable

8.45 – 9.00 – Times table or mental maths practise.

9.00 – 10.00 – Maths

10.00 – 10.15 – Have a break and a well-earned snack!

10.15 – 10.30 – Practise this week’s spellings

10.30 – 11.30 – English

11.30 – 12.00 – Reading comprehension or handwriting practise



Each day work on one of our other subjects – you could look at topic or science or explore the National Oak Academy – website where there are hundreds of lessons for you to ‘dip’ into.

Remember, your learning is your responsibility – work hard and don’t give up!


Maths – This week we will be finishing our unit on addition and subtraction . Continue to learn about solving addition and subtraction problems.

Spellings – This week we will be focussing on the ‘shun’ spelling spelt cian. The spelling list is below. Read through the list and make sure you know the meaning of each of the words – if not, look them up or ask an adult for help.

Complete this lesson to help you to understand this spelling pattern –


English  – This week we will be inventing and writing our own story. Remember, this half term we have been learning about suspense and how we can create suspense in our stories. The lessons this week allow you to recap on some skills needed to be effective writers. Make sure you complete the lessons then work on your stories. When you have written your stories, share them with me!

Skills lesson – Today, work on using apostrophes. Complete this lesson to make sure you know when and where to use an apostrophe!

Think about your story innovation. Where will your character be and where will they go? Draw a picture of your main character and think about what they are like – How old are they? What is their name?

Reading Comprehension – complete activity 1.


Maths – Use this lesson to practice creating addition and subtraction facts –


Spellings – Practise your spellings – remember to Look, read, cover, write and then check your spellings. Identify which words you need to learn. Think about what will help you to learn the words.

English – Skills lesson – Today, we will recap on complex sentences. Complete this lesson and practise this sentence structure.

When you have finished, think about the settings for your story. Where will your character be at the start of the story? (Their safe place) Where will they go? (your spooky setting). Draw a picture of your settings and think about words and phrases to describe them.

Reading comprehension – – Complete Activity 2




Maths – Continue to practise the column method for addition.

Spellings – continue to practise your spellings.

English – Today, recap on the rules for using fronted adverbials – what is a fronted adverbial and how can I use it to create suspense?

Make a list of fronted adverbials for your story – which ones would be good to create suspense? Use this word mat to help you.

Reading Comprehension – Complete Activity 3



Maths – Today we are starting a new unit on length and perimeter. Complete this lesson to discover more about perimeter.

Spellings – continue to practise your spellings.

English – Complete the story planning showing the different parts of your story. Remember to look back at the model text – The Manor House to help you. If you have time, draw a story map of for your story.

The Manor House Model Text

Reading Comprenension – Begin to explore Hansel and Gretal by Anthony Browne –




Maths – continue to explore length and perimeter.

Spellings – Ask a grown up to test you on your spellings. Did you get them all right?

English – Write your hot task. Make sure you include all the different parts. Also, check that you have selected words and phrases to create suspense. When you have finished, check your story carefully. Make sure you check your punctuation and sentences and make sure they make sense.

Here’s a lesson on proofreading to help you to check your own work –


Reading Comprehension – Continue with the lessons on Hansel and Gretal


 This Week’s Spellings


This week we will recap on pitch and frequency – complete these lessons to help your understanding.

Watch this clip to explore how distance effects the amplitude of a sound. Then design an experiment to measure how far different sounds can be heard. Carry out your experiment.


Topic – The National Parks

This week we will be exploring the National Parks in the UK. Can you find out about the history of the parks, where they are and what they are used for? Look closely at The Peak District. Where is it in the UK and why do people go there? How long has it been there? Can you find Mam Tor – what is it and what was it used for in history. Use the website below to help you with your fact finding!

When you have some information, create a poster to advertise the Peak District. Don’t forget to share your poster with your teacher.


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