Welcome Wonderful Winterton! It’s a new week and it begins on Monday 16th November

Good morning Everyone and welcome to a new week!

Below you will find Winterton’s Home Learning Timetable (click on link), so if you need to self-isolate you know what to do each day. You can also use the work included in this blog to consolidate or review any learning that we have done in class if you need a reminder.

If you have any problems, please email me at the address at the top of the page.

So here goes for another week …!

Winterton Home Learning Timetable


Monday 16.11.20 – today you will read the model text ‘The caravan’.

Here is a copy of the text. The Caravan text

I have also put a story map here to help you with the reading of the text – story map The Caravan

Read it out loud with an adult in your house. Are there any words you don’t know the meaning of? Look them up in a dictionary or Google them. Write down all the words that you are unsure of, with their meaning written beside them. Can you put these words into new sentences? Can you think of antonyms and synonyms for these words? Write them down. Think about how you will present this work in a neat, clear and logical way.

Spelling:  adjectives ending in -ant and nouns ending in -ance/-ancy

observant  observance

expectant  expectancy

hesitant  hesitancy

tolerant  tolerance

relevant  relevance

Here is a word search that includes the relevant words so you can practise – Word Search Black and White – and a handwriting sheet – Cursive Handwriting Practice Sheet so you can practise your handwriting as well. Do not be hesitant in doing this. You can also put these words into a sentence – one sentence for each word. Be observant when doing this to make sure you spell the words correctly! If you would like the Powerpoint presentation for this, please email me and I can send it to you.

Tuesday 17.11.20 – today you will complete a ‘Tell-me-square’. 

tell me square for The Caravan

Reading: Year 5-6 Reading extract and questions – Circulation  SET A questions

Wednesday 18.11.20 – today you will be boxing up The Caravan text.

You have worked on this task many times before. You need to look at each paragraph and think about what is happening in each. It will help you when you come to inventing your own invented warning story. If you are really stuck, here is one I have done earlier – boxing up The Caravan

Reading: Year 5-6 Reading extract and questions – Circulation  SET B questions

Thursday 19.11.20 – today we will be looking at devising a toolkit for  The Caravan

You need to read The Caravan again and find the techniques the author has used to make this an effective warning story. Look carefully, be observant to find relevant points. Looking at the boxing up will help you with this task. Also think about what tense you need to write in; look at how descriptive is used; how are the characters described?

Reading: Year 5-6 Reading extract and questions – My Shadow  SET A questions

Friday 20.11.20 – today we are learning about modal verbs – how to recognise them and how to use them

Here is a link for you to review what modal verbs are: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/znd26v4

Here is an activity you can do to help make it stick in your brain Modal-Verbs- and finally a word map to show you many other modal verbs you can use – Modal-Verbs-Mat

And here is an Oak National Academy lesson to review what you have learnt today – https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/to-explore-modal-verbs-c9k34d

Reading: Year 5-6 Reading extract and questions – My Shadow  SET B questions



Ms Nordloh has all the Power Maths PowerPoints, if you would like them please email her (M.Nordloh@gf.kwestacademy.com) and she will send them to you. They cannot put on the website for copyright reasons.

Monday 16.11.20: Unit 4 Lesson 10 “Problem Solving – Adding and Subtracting Fractions (1)” https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/z76qmfr


Tuesday 17.11.20: Unit 4 End of unit check



Wednesday 18.11.20: Unit 5 Lesson 1 “Multiplying A Fraction by a Whole Number”



Thursday 19.11.20: Unit 5 Lesson 2 “Multiplying A Fraction by a fraction (1)”



Friday 20.11.20: Unit 5 Lesson 3 “Multiplying A Fraction by a fraction (2)” https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/fractions-multiply-pairs-of-proper-fractions-c4rp4r

Don’t forget to login to Tackling Tables to practise your times tables.


Topic – Monday 16.11.20:

Who were the Anglo Saxons and where did they come from? In this lesson that we are doing at school, you will look at the Anglo-Saxons who settled in the British Isles a long time ago. Many of us have Anglo-Saxon ancestors yet they were originally ‘invaders’. Does that make us ‘migrants’? Follow the lesson on this powerpoint: Lesson1AngloSaxonsPPTKS2History

If you would like a taught lesson, this is an interesting resource from Oak Academy – an enquiry into ‘How Dark was the Dark Ages?’ – meaning, how much information do we have about this time in our past? This particular lesson focuses on the Anglo-Saxons: https://teachers.thenational.academy/lessons/the-arrival-of-the-anglo-saxons-c5j68c


Computing – Tuesday 17.11.20:


During this lesson you will become familiar with the terms ‘fair use’ and ‘copyright’. You will understand of why you should only use copyright-free images and will find appropriate images to use in your work from suggested sources. 

  • Video
  • Worksheet
  • Quiz


D and T – Wednesday 18.11.20

Use ‘Architectural Design Sheet’ resource -Architectural-Design-Sheet (1) as a prompt to design own building. Think about all the different architects we looked at last week and the distinguishing features of their work – will you use any of these? Or will you use features of the periods we looked at – renaissance or art-deco? How practical will your design be? Will people actually be able to use it?


Science – Thursday 19.11.20


In this lesson, you will learn what happens when light travels through two transparent materials. You are going to learn what refraction is, how you can use it.  There is a chance to carry out an investigation to show that refraction is occurring. For this lesson you will need a piece of paper and a pencil.

If you would like to take part in the demonstration you will need a piece of plain paper and a transparent glass of water. If you don’t have these things then don’t worry! You can still complete the lesson and watch the teacher’s demonstration.

Friday 20.11.20: afternoon task

Don’t forget to check the homework grid at the top of the page and send me your homework by next Monday morning.


And there ends another week!

Don’t forget Education City – look in and complete work for Winterton Sun 15.11 to Sat 21.11 – and also log in to Tackling Tables and practise your tables.

Printing notes: Problems with printing? You won’t need to print anything off if you don’t want to. You can do it all by looking at the work on the computer and taking notes in a notebook.

Feedback: Remember to send a copy of your work to me by the end of the week or daily.

Keep in touch and let me know if you have any problems.

If you are working at home – keep well and we are thinking about you.

See you soon

Mrs. M 🙂


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