Heacham Hurrahs

This week I wanted to say what I have really enjoyed about the class!


  1. kindness and sharing – they’ve been really lovely with each other.
  2. listening to instructions
  3. being respectful
  4. being interested
  5. asking questions at the right times.
  6. beautiful poppy making
  7. concentrated silence for the Act of Remembrance.
  8. helping the adults.
  9. tidying carefully
  10. working really hard.

I didn’t put working hard at the end because it’s the least important, but because they do that quite well, and sometimes struggle with the other bits!


We also had our first spelling test this week, and Freddie and Aisha got full marks, so well done to them!  This week and  next week are about them getting the hang of how to do the tests, which we do in the same way that we do our phonic words on all of the other days, except that I don’t write the word on the board after they’ve had a try.

They’ve been brilliant this week, and I am very glad they are my class!

Take care, wash your hands, and I’ll see you all on Monday!


Miss Cook

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