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Last week was a peculiar week wasn’t it!

Let’s have a look at this week and what we’ll be doing.


0840-0900 – register and reading

0900-0940 – phonics and spelling

1040-1140 – maths

1pm-2pm literacy

2:15-3pm Foundation Subject


Register and reading

phonics and spelling

This week we are focusing on the long a sound, which can be spelt in several different ways.  We’re going to use the same video all week to help us really understand it, but also there is work on BugClub and on EducationCity to help you practice the sounds.  I’ll be checking to see who is accessing BugClub and EducationCity this week, so if you can’t log in, let me know please!

First, we’re looking at the long a sound written ay. Practice this sentence

On Monday, I like to play with clay.

What sentence can you make up with more ay words?

We will also be practicing our spelling words











We will be checking these on Friday.  If you are at home, learn the words and email me your results please!


We are carrying on with our work on addition and doing this in different ways.  Last week we did a lot of work on counting on, and I hope the home-workers did theirs so that we are all in the same place!

We’re starting with looking at how we write down our equations.

Today, we’ll ask Miss Robson from the Oak Academy to start us off.


Don’t forget to click on the workslides, and email me what you have done.


We’ll be practicing our story today, trying to see if we can do it without looking at the words.  Then we’ll be looking for repeated patterns in the writing.  What sentence does Mr Bumblebee say again and again?

sleepy bumblebee


Register and reading

phonics and spelling

Today’s focus is long a sound written a-e.  There’s BugClub and EducationCity work for you again, so have a look at that.

The sentence is “I can bake a cake to take to Granny.” (Which story book character said that?)



This morning we are back to Power Maths.  The slides are on your Power Maths part of your Bug Club, and there is a BBC video that can help you.

This one will remind you of what we have talked about with numberlines and what they are https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/clips/z99d2hv

This one will explain how to use a numberline for addition.  https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zknsgk7/articles/z3t94j6

I have recorded the slides with a voiceover video for anyone who needs it, just email me and I’ll sent it to you.


Today we are going to box up our writing.

I’ve started it on this sheet for you to download and fill in.  Can you work out where Mr Bumblebee was, what was making the noise, and why Mr Bumblebee was awake.

boxing up

It’s important that we learn to box up the story properly, because that’s how we will know what to change.


Register and reading

phonics and spelling

Today our focus is the long a sound spelt ey and ei.  Again, there is BugClub and EducationCity work for you.

Here’s is your sentence.




Today we are in PowerMaths again, Unit 3, lesson 6.  I’ll be assessing everyone on Unit 3 next week when everyone is back.  There is work in  your EducationCity folder to support you and the PowerMaths slides are on your BugClub account.

I have recorded the slides with a voiceover video for anyone who needs it, just email me and I’ll sent it to you.

Today is also Armistice Day, and the 100th Anniversary of the unveiling of the Cenotaph and the burial of the Unknown Soldier.  This powerpoint will take you through what we will be learning about both of those important events.  We will also be observing the two minutes silence at 11am with the rest of the country.

Unknown Warrior


In school we will be taking a listening walk today, thinking about where Mr Bumblebee could land for a sleep, and what might keep him awake.  For example, if he landed in the classroom, Miss Cook might be keeping him awake with her teaching, or the computer might be keeping him awake with the EdCity noises.  If you’re at home, take a listening walk, and see what you can hear that might keep a bumblebee awake.


Register and reading

phonics and spelling

Today our focus is on the long a sound written ‘ei’ and ‘ey’

Today’s sentence is

The reindeer are prey for the grey wolf.


Today we are moving on to understanding the commutivity of addition.  Thankfully, we have Miss Robson to help us with this!

https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/understanding-commutativity-c5gk8c We will be practicing this practically tomorrow as well.



Today we’re writing our changes.  Here’s a PowerPoint to help you through what to do!

Changing the Sleepy Bumblebee


Register and reading

phonics and spelling

This week we will check last week’s words and begin to learn our new words.

Last week –











This week –













In class, we will be practicing our addition by rolling two dice and adding them together.  We’ll be using the numberline to help us, and recording our equations.

For example :

Image result for two dice

Here are our dice.

Our equation would be

2 + 4 = 6

If we write

4 + 2 =

will we get a different answer?

We won’t.  We’ll still get 6.

Try it at home!


Can you do 5, with their reversals, and then send them to me?


We are carrying on with out work on the Great Fire of London.

Have a look at this retelling of the events.


Retell the story on paper using our recount words





We will also be practicing the song (quietly, and mostly with the actions!)




Our RE this week is going to be spent looing at the difference between celebrating an event, like Christmas, and commemorating an event, like the Armistice.  Talk to the adults in your house.  What do they think the difference is?  What do you celebrate? What do you commemorate?

We will be making a display over the course of the week, to commemorate 100 years since the Unknown Warrior was brought home.

Rainbow Challenge

Here is our rainbow challenge sheet for this week.

If you’re at home, see what you can do!

Rainbow challenge Y1


I’ve heard from a couple of parents asking about the homework, so here is the homework sheet of things that you could do this half term.

Heacham and Snettisham Homework Grid

Don’t forget, you have EducationCity and BugClub work to log into as well.  Sometimes it might look like you’ve done it before, (which will be because you have!) but have another go, because practice is what makes us better!

Any problems, let me know s.cook@gf.kwestacademy.com

Take care (and wash your hands!)


Miss Cook

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