Hunstanton 2/11/20

Hello Squirts,

I hope you all had a good half term and will be back today looking forward to a new half term. I’m looking forward to seeing you all again and hearing about your break from school.

Our learning this week will include:

English – Stories set in imaginary places.

Write a story that takes place in an imaginary world. Try to make it exciting by using good descriptions. That’s your Cold Task.

Read the text where-the-wild-things-are.

On apiece of paper Box up what is happening. (Write some notes to say what is happening in each paragraph.)

Use the pictures on Settings and Descriptions to write some sentences about the places you see. Then write some sentences about a setting of your own choice. Remember to us adjectives to describe the nouns and adverbs to describe the verbs.

“The small black cat scampered quickly away.” is so much more interesting than “The cat ran away.”

Remember to read using Bug Club.

Maths – We are carrying on with addition and subtraction.

Science – We are beginning to learn about electricity.

You will find activities for both Maths and Science on EdCity.

Topic – Think about all the different things you might do when you visit a fair. Focus on your 5 senses to help you remember. Can you find out what a London Frost Fair was and why we don’t have them today.

So, if you are stuck at home because of COVID you can still join in our learning!

Remember if you are having problems you can always email me.

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