Heacham Hurrahs

Good morning,

I need to pop into school later as we took lots of photos to go on here and I’ve left the ipad in the classroom!  I’ll go in and add the photos later tonight.

This week has been a good week.  we have got more used to our rainbow challenges and most people did a good job of completing them.  Self directed learning is hard, but we are learning to do it.  We’ve talked a lot about what learning looks like, and what it feels like, and how we know that we are learning.

This week we have enjoyed:

  1. reading
  2. Power Maths
  3. sliding down the hill
  4. playing in the water
  5. learning about Min and Mei the Magpie Mates
  6. Writing first, next, then, finally recounts
  7. being with our friends
  8. Thomas meditations
  9. learning about our feelings
  10. running around the track

I will finish this later, with the photos, and I’ll see you all after half term!


Miss Cook

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