Well done Winterton – Friday 23.10.20

So hello Winterton. Well we finally got to the end of the first half term. I’ve been thinking back over these last 7 weeks that we have been in school. You have all done amazingly well! Think how much you have learnt in just 7 weeks:

  • We have covered 3 units in maths: place value and number, 4 operations and reasoning.

  • In literacy we have done a whole unit of narrative writing concentrating on poetry and portal stories. We have even begun a new unit on informative writing about monsters.

  • Remember yesterday, when we watched the science clip and it showed us everything we had learnt about space and the Earth – the names of the planets and what they are made of; how they rotate and orbit the sun; about night and day and latitude, longitude and time zones, and also about satellites and NASA missions to take photos of the Sun.

  • In topic you have learnt loads about the oceans and oceanographers, how the oceans are becoming polluted; about gyres and how they move rubbish around the globe. About single use plastics and how we can replace and recycle; and also how how to be a good citizen and reduce how we pollute the earth.

  • In RE we have discussed how different religions deal with the concept of peace and conflict, and we thought about our own views on this.

  • You have studied Pop Art and some of the leading artists across the world, especially Andy Warhol. We will finish our Andy Warhol inspired art works at the beginning of next half term. Then I can take some photos of your wonderful work to put on our first Friday blog of the new half term.

  • You have been working hard with Mr. Collison and Mr. Holmes in PE and swimming respectively – Mr. Holmes has said what a good group you are and how you all swim at a good standard.


  • You have done many tests over the last few weeks and we are supporting all of you in your learning. Every one of you has made some progress and all this in 7 weeks – think what you can achieve by Christmas!!

Have a good rest over the next week – get lots of fresh air and sleep well. We will be even busier next half term!

Mrs. M 🙂

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