The week ahead in Heacham 19/10/2020

Well, this is the last week before half term.  We are not slowing down though! We have a lot to do!


In our Maths sessions the Y1 are starting a new unit on adding and subtracting within 10.  Whilst many of the children can recite the numbers to much higher than ten, it is important that they have a firm understanding of the basics of addition and subtraction before we move on to bigger numbers.  I will set your work in your Bug Club area for if you are away. For more direct instruction, there are some Oak Academy lessons that you will need to look at if you are not in school.

Combining sets

Linking addition equations to problem solving contexts

Subtracting by partitioning

On Friday we will be revisiting numberbonds before the holiday.

Reception children, you are starting a week on comparing non-identical objects, counting them, sorting them, seeing which the most or the fewest and



We are carrying on with our recount work.  Last week we learnt the text “A Trip to the Zoo.”  On Monday we will start by writing about our own weekends again, using the time connectives “First, Next, Then, Finally.”

Here’s my example.

At the weekend I went to Tesco.

First, I made my list of all the things I needed.  It was a long list, so I took an extra bag with me.

Next, I walked around Tesco for a very long time, deciding what I needed and crossing the things off of the list when I put them in the trolley.  There were a lot of people in Tesco, and everyone had a mask on.

Then I walked home, and unpacked my shopping into the cupboards and drawers that I keep everything in.

Finally, I sat down for a cup of tea and some Jaffa Cakes.  I was tired, but happy!

On Tuesday, we will decide where we are going on a trip and what we might see there.  We will plan our writing, just like it is in the text.

On Wednesday, we will do our writing,  choosing our words carefully and thinking about our finger spaces and punctuation.

On Thursday we will look at our writing with an adult and see if there is anything we could improve.


In Phonics this week the Y1 are moving into phase 4 after the last day of Phase 3 on Monday and Tuesday.  The last sound is /er/.


After that, we are moving phase 4, which is about vowels and consanants.  Have a look at this BBC Bitesize link.

Reception, your new sounds are f, s, j, v

There will still be activities on your BugClub and EducationCity accounts to keep you busy, and I’ll leave those up over the half term as well, so you can catch up any that you’ve missed.


This week we are meeting Min and Mei, the Magpie Mates, who are here to tell us about sharing, caring and empathy.

As always, we’ll talk about how we can apply this to our daily classroom lives. If you are absent and you need the details, I can send them to you, just email me and let me know.

Collections Table

This week our collections table is all about Autumn.  You can find anything that you think is about autumn, and bring it in for the table (we’ll wipe it or quarentine it and then put it on!)

I’m going to change the format of these for the next couple of weeks to make them shorter and easier to access, but more regular.  Let me know what you think about their current format and any changes you would like to see.

Take care


Miss Cook

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