The Week ahead 19th October

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Here is the work we will be studying in the week ahead. If you are isolating or poorly why not take a look at these lessons and keep on track with your learning.If you need any support why not email me on

We will see you when you are better, recover quickly!



We are continuing to work on addition and subtraction of a two digit number from a three digit number this week and we are taking this into solving word problems. Here are a few for you to have a go at. Find the important information then have a go at carrying out the calculation.

There are 167 books in one classroom and 392 books in the other. How many books are there altogether in both classrooms?

Jay has a collection of 263 football cards. His brother has 189. How many more cards does Jay have?

Abi collects stamps. She has 351 in a box and 456 in a book. How many does she have altogether?

A pack of Christmas cards costs £5.49.How much change does she get from £10.00

A shopkeeper has 367 bottles of lemonade. He orders 480 more. How many bottles of lemonade will he have now?How much change does she get from £10.00

Use these recaps of addition and subtraction to help you.

Watch this lesson about solving word problems.


This week in English we will be innovating and writing our own journey story. Here is a planning sheet to help you to organise your ideas.

When you write your story, remember to add lots of detail to help develop your plot and keep your reader interested. Also, check your sentences and punctuation! Here’s some lessons to recap our learning on sentences structure and using fronted adverbials.



We are continuing to work with homophones this week . have a look at these words can you find out their meanings and learn to spell them.

berry  bury      brake  break      meet  meat       ball   bawl        fair  fare


This week we are learning the myth of Magnes the Shepherd and how magnets were discovered. Watch the story here and discuss with a grown up – you could write your own version of the story or create a comic strip to retell it!


We are also exploring the uses of magnetic materials – complete this lesson to help your understanding.



This week we will be coming to the end of the geography aspect of our topic. (Next half term we will be exploring the history of some of the UK’s most famous landmarks). Have a go at completing your own knowledge organiser on the geography of The United Kingdom to revise what you have learnt. How much of it can you remember? What do you still need to learn? Remember, our brains are like filing cabinets, we need to store the information away, so it is there when we need it!

To end this part of our topic, create a poster to advertise visiting the UK. Why might people want to come here and what could they do when they are here.

Remember to include:

  • rivers
  • mountains
  • coasts
  • countries

Use this lesson to remind you about the geography of the UK:


In RE we will be looking at the story of the Good Samaritan. Have a look at this clip and see if you can write the story in your own words.


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