Monday Blog Hunstanton 19/10/20

Good Morning Squirts,

I hope you had a good weekend.

There are no Well Dones for homework today but maybe I will receive some photos of what you have done in time to publish them in Friday’s blog.

Learning for this week:


Spellings to practise are for the split digraphs:

  • a-e, e-e, i-e, o-e, and u-e.
  • came, made   Pete, these   life, time   bone, stone   rude, tube.

For those who like a challenge:

  • amaze, complete, prize, explode and prune.

Look at our pirate poem – Yo Ho Ho

Can you add a new verse or two to it using the same structure – rhymes in lines 1,2,5 and lines 3,4?


We are continuing with addition and subtraction. There are examples on the links below – have a go.

Adding two-digit numbers

Taking away two-digit numbers



Look at the microhabitat lesson at the link below then try to compare two different microhabitats using the sheet as a guide line.

Microhabitats Enquiry Location Activity Sheet


Which animals live in the Arctic and the Antarctic? What can you find out about their habitats?

So, if you are unable to attend school because you are isolating at home have a go at the activities listed above.

If you need help please email me.

Happy learning.

Mr H.

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