The Week Ahead for Thornham Bubble 12.10.20

Hello Thorham


Welcome to a brand new week. This week we have lots more exciting learning planned.


Year 1 – Unit 2 Lessons 1 to 4. We will be starting to learn whole/part model, numbers bonds to 10.

Year 2 Unit 1 Lessons  6, to 9 . We will be comparing and ordering numbers to 100.

Please log onto your Active Learn to access the lesson content.

Here are some links to help with your learning-

Year 1

Year 2

I have also added some activities on Education City dated 12th October.

Please continue to practise counting in ones, twos and tens.



This week we are continuing to recap on phase 3 sounds.

The four sounds are  ear,  air, ure, 00,  er

Watch Geraldine giraffe videos






Please log onto your active learn and read the next books allocated to you.

High Frequency Words

This week we are focussing on the following seven words…

was, you, they, all, are my her


Please practise …

see, for, now, down, look, too



We are preparing to write for our Hot Task.  Please plan your writingdiary using the text model for ideas for structure.

Your final piece of writing must include a Title and sentences beginning with First, Next, Then, After that, Finally.

Here are the ideas we looked at last week

Diary of a..









Have a look at the links to help you

I have added to activities on Education City to help you structure your sentences using capital letters.




  • Identify Microhabitats and the creatures that live in them. 
  • Are all Microhabitats the same?

Follow the following link from Oak Academy



What is the environment of the Arctic and the Antarctic like?


Have a great week!


Mrs Stanley


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