Sheringham; 12th October

Hello Sheringham,

How can we possibly be at the start of another week? However, when you see what interesting, fun and exciting work we are going to be doing, you will be as excited as I am to get started!


This week in English we will be planning our own adventure story. We will be looking at the structure of an adventure text and innovating our own story. Have a look at the boxing up grid to help:

We will be continuing to work on our sentence structure. Here are some videos and games to help you with your sentences.


Lastly, we will be reminding ourselves about adverbials. What better to help us, than a song!


Our spellings this week:



We will continue to practise and go over our times tables; x10, x2, x5.

Over the week, we will be looking at adding and subtracting a 3 digit number ands 1s. Have a listen to this to explain the work:



We are continuing to explore forces and magnets. We will be exploring the different magnets in the world around us as well as exploring the world’s magnetic force.

We will also be learning about compasses. Complete this lesson to learn more.



From looking at rivers last week, we are moving to bridges next. A number of you have made bridges for homework, so you will be at an advantage!

This clip shows some of the different types of bridges:

In addition, we will be locating some of the famous bridges in the UK and finding out where they are and who designed them. We will explore the role of the engineer and how they were designed.


For those swimming, don’t forget your kits on Tuesday!

Have a great week! Next blog post will be on Friday when we will celebrate all your great work!

Mrs Moyle








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