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The weather hasn’t been kind to us this week but we have still been working hard in Brancaster Bubble.

We started the week by talking about working together and teamwork. We watched this video and discussed what would happen if just 1 of these students didn’t work hard, decided to not follow the rules and just do their own thing.

Shaolin Kung Fu training as seen from high above Earth


This week we have been exploring sentences in English and had lots of fun playing this sentence game. I shared it after our lesson on Wednesday but here’s the link again – 

In maths we have been comparing 4 digit numbers. We have been using the greater than and less than symbols to show our comparisons. We have also been learning how to round to the nearest 1000. This can be quite tricky, so here’s a game to help you practise at home.


Well done to Thomas who was named musician of the week in music this week! Great work Thomas.


On Thursday morning we talked about the importance of persevering, especially when things were difficult and almost seem impossible. Here are some videos we watched showing perseverance in action!



Mental Health Awareness Day

Today we have been talking about mental health and how it’s important that we look after our minds as well as our bodies. Here’s a video we watched in class, it explains how we can have healthy happy brains!


Well done to all the children who have completed homework this week. Here is a selection of the wonderful work from Brancaster Bubble. Please remember, wherever possible please email me a picture of your work rather than bringing it into school. My email is



What a busy week we have had!

Have a lovely weekend, stay well and safe.

See you all on Monday.

Mrs Emery

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