The Week Ahead For Holkham

Welcome to this week, Holkham.


In literacy this week we are starting a new unit about writing an adventure story. We will be talking about what an adventure story is all about and then we will be having a go at writing our own story. Why not watch this link with your child and have a go at writing one at home!

Once you have had a go at writing your own story read through our focussed text and identify any unknown words. If you want to have a go at this at home the text is below.


These are our spellings for the week ahead, we are looking at the long ‘ai’ sound. Why not take a look at the powerpoint and practice the words.

Long a ‘ai’ PowerPoint


In maths this week we will be continuing to explore; ordering numbers to 1,000, counting on in 50’s, adding and subtracting in 100’s and adding and subtracting a 3 digit number and 1’s.

Here are some lessons to help your knowledge and understanding.




In topic we will be continuing with our work around the UK. We will be looking at the rivers and seas that are part of the UK and that surround the UK.  Rivers of the UK The UK


In science we are beginning our work on magnets have a look at these links.

Now watch these videos.


In art we are continuing our work on sculpture, this week we are looking at paper sculpture and how to manipulate the material. Watch these links and have a go yourselves.





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