Sheringham, 28th September

Hello Sheringham class,

We are really excited for the week ahead and all that we will be learning. Here is a taste of what to come in some subjects….


We will be looking at adventure stories. An example of one that you may already be familiar with is Meercat Mail. You can listen to the story here:

We will be having a go at writing our own adventure story. Think particularly about the beginning, middle and ending. The text that we will be studying and learning is called Journey to the Lonely Planet: the-journey-to-the-lonely-mountain

Our spellings this week are:



We will go over x2 and x10 tables, and look again at x5 tables.

We will continue with number and place value work, looking at 1 more and less, 10 more and less and 100 more and less.

An example of the work is here:


This week we will remind ourselves about the UK and revise the compass points.

Our lesson will look at counties.

We will be looking at some of this clip in class:

To look more closely at what counties are, have a look at this: Lesson Presentation Around the Counties Can you name any counties and say if they are North, South, East or West of Norfolk?


We had great fun last week looking at friction. We investigated the effect of different ramp surfaces to the distance the car travelled. You can have a look at our photos from last Friday’s blog if you missed the lesson.

This week we are looking at magnets:

Can you identify magnetic and non magnetic materials?

There are a few clips to help with this work also:  and


What amazing facts can you remember about the Bible? To help you, have a listen to this:


What a great week to look forward to! Next blog will be on Friday.

Mrs Moyle


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