Monday 28th September 2020

Good Morning My Squirts,

Happy Monday.


  • Kane.
  • Stanley.

Kane is reading a pirate story online.

Stanley’s design for a pirate ship.


Kane and Hedgehog

This coming week our learning will include:


We will continue with our theme “Numbers to 100”.

We will be ordering numbers to 100 and counting in 2s, 5s, 10s and 3s. If you follow the links below this will support knowing numbers to 100. Practise counting in 2s, 5s, 10s, and 3s as we do when lining up in the playground.


Practise the Phonics sounds from last week – ay, ou, ie, ea and the spellings linked to them

play, tray, out, shout, pie, tie, sea, bead. (8) For everyone.

crayon, loudest, replied, repeat. (4) For those who like a challenge.

We will be looking at the text – “The Diary of A Pirate”. Read the text and answer the questions in the comprehension sheet.

Diary of a Young Pirate


Internalising the text. Practise reading the text and add actions to it to help you remember it.


We will continue with our focus on “Alive, Dead or Never Been Alive”.

Look at the attached information and try to create your own poster to tell others about what we are learning/have learnt.



In our topic work this week we will be learning about our carbon footprint. Look at the ppt. below to see what a carbon footprint is.


Can you design a poster to encourage people to be be more energy efficient?

Please let me know if the above is useful and if you are able to access the links.

Best wishes,

Mr H.


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