Welcome back Winterton bubble!

Hello Everyone

… and welcome back to the new school year. We have made a good start to the term, doing lots of Phoenix Rising work, including talking about any worries we may have and also all the things we are grateful for.

We have spent this morning thinking about our gratitude jar: the things that are the most important to us being golf balls that have to go in the jar first; then pebbles, things that are important but not so much as the golf balls; and finally sand, things that we appreciate but we could survive without them. This made a very interesting discussion!

Then we moved onto designing ‘The Most Desirable Pencil Case in the World’. This needs to be continued this afternoon. Please can you send, via my email, a photo of your work so I can marvel at it, and I know you have completed it.

Earlier on this week we did some work on the book ‘The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse’ by Charlie Mackesy. This is a wonderful book and we have produced some work about the advice you can give yourself to help with your journey this year. Look for a photo of the display next Friday.

Here are some photos of Winterton bubble room so you can see what we do.

This is our Gratitude Tree with a rainbow behind it. We all coloured in part of the rainbow and then put them all together so everyone has contributed.

This is our class library. We are able to read books from here so long as we sanitise our hands before and after we touch them.

Here is where we sanitise our hands whenever we come into the classroom, and here:

… is where we wash our hands every time we leave the classroom .

This is our self registration wall. When we come into school we move our names from the ‘we are away today’ to the ‘I am in school today’ column.

And this is where our lunch boxes are kept.

I hope you enjoyed looking at our bubble room, and you can see what your child’s environment looks like.

Next week I will share what we will be doing in class. If you need to know anything about school or our class, then look at the different tags on the website.

Have a good weekend and will see you all on Monday.

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