What a marathon Holkham and we’re nearly at the finish (13/07/20)

Good Morning Holkham,

I hope you all had a great week. This is the last week in Holkham Class for many of us so let’s dig deep and give one final push to really make it count. You can find this week’s ‘Home Learning Grid’ here..Year 3 and 4 13.7.20

I’m at the other end of an email if you have problems opening the PDF – many of you have done this and it’s been really helpful! Thank you. Please don’t feel you must complete all of these activities, they are just there to give you and your grown ups inspiration for learning opportunities. Please try and do as many as you possibly can!


Firstly, using the boxing up grid start to plan your hot task. Remember to include the magpied strong words to help your arguments. Write your spellings into a sentence, if there are any words you don’t understand find the meaning using a dictionary or look the meanings up on the internet. Make sure you vocalise your argument to a parent does it make sense. Draw out your argument in pictures does it flow? Can you see the different paragraphs in your drawings? Include your punctuation so that when it comes to writing your story you do not forget it.

Next, write your Hot Task. This is your chance to show off EVERYTHING that you can remember from your time in Holkham Class. Write your persuasive text do not forget to use your plan and drawings. Remember to use the strong persuasive words in your writing that can be magpied from the focus text. Each paragraph is important do not forget them.

Lastly, read through your text with an adult and highlight any spellings or punctuation mistakes, talk about how the persuasion text has worked. Could you do anything better? Please note that there are no new spelling this week as we have completed them all, have a look through my old blogs to retest yourselves on any you found more tricky to remember.


You should be nearing the end of you books now. Should you get to the end of your book, please go back through each PowerMaths book you have at home. 3B/3C or 4B/4C and complete any missed questions or revisit anything you found tricky. 

Power Maths books 3C and 4C follow the next lesson in sequence as they build on your previous learning each day. You can find the textbooks here:

Year 3: https://preview.pearsonactivelearn.com/PowerMathsYear3

Year 4: https://preview.pearsonactivelearn.com/PowerMathsYear4




Other Learning

I have uploaded more learning to Education City into a folder called ‘Holkham Home Learning 13/07/20′. I will keep the ’06/07/20 folder’ open so that you can still access anything from there if you haven’t yet completed it.

Don’t forget to give your Tackling Tables and Twinkl’s Times Table check a practice and learn your Year 3/4 statutory spellings too. Remember to look, say, cover, write and check each one until you get super-fast and accurate. The focus spellings are on your under Monday’s English on the Home Learning Grid.



When you are reading for 10 minutes each day, ask your grown ups to challenge you with comprehension questions at the end of each page (comprehension question can be found in previous blogs or online).

If you would like additional reading comprehension resources you can find some here… Reading Booklets


A note for grown ups

I would really like to create a video of members of the class sharing some of their memories from their time in Holkham. I’m going to upload a few photos from our blog to serve as reminders but I would love it if they could send me a very short video of them sharing a memory. To send a video you can use the file sharing website WeTransfer and send it to my email address a.sellers@gf.kwestacademy.com.

Remember that you can (but do not have to) access learning resources from The Oak National Academy and BBC Bitesize which they are adding to daily.


Final Messages

Make this the best week ever before our long rest! Looking forward to sharing our end of year video with you on Friday. I’m so proud of you all.

Mr Sellers


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