Thornham final week!

Well here we are, our final week of this academic year.

For this final  week I thought it would be nice if everyone sent a message to the class. So if you can, please send me your message  via my email  –
and I will post them on my Friday blog. You might want to just say hello  or wish everyone a happy summer holiday.


Here is the final home learning grid for this year:

Years 1 and 2 13-7-20


Reading – keep reading, preferably 10 minutes everyday. Keep practising the high frequency words and phonics sounds.

Spelling – this week practise words with the split diagrah  o-e. Make sure you can spell the days of the week too!

Writing – this week you are making a fact file all about Meerkats. You may need an adult to help you find out/research all about Meerkats. Here is a powerpoint which may help.

Meerkat Information ppt

Your fact file will need to include:

  • A title. 
  • An introduction. 
  • Information grouped in sections. 
  • Each section has a sub-heading. 
  • Facts not fiction. 
  • Picture/s with captions/title.   


Keep practising counting forwards and backwards in 1’s, 2’s 5’s and 10’s. Give yourself a challenge eg what is 10 more than 56? 10 less than 87?

For extra challenge count in 3’s


Power Maths-  continue with the book. In school we are now completing units on numbers to 100 and money. Make sure you can recognise and know the value of all the eight coins and notes.


Science – plants

Have a look at the powerpoint

Plants We Eat ppt

Plants Need 13-7-20

This week are thinking about the plants we can eat.

Topic – Holidays

What have you learnt so far? Can your show this in your mini project?

Give your project the title  Holidays – Past, Future, Present

All About Beaches pdf

D and T

You may need to finish your moving picture. When you have completed it evaluate your work –  consider the following…

  • Write down 2 things you think you did really well. 
  • Write down one thing you could do to improve it. 
  • Did your finished model look like your original design? 
  • Did you follow your original design or did you change it as your model progressed? If you did change the design  why?


Continue with Joe Wicks.

Also keep active, go for walk/bike ride.

Education City

I have added more activities on Education City – there is something for everyone.

Finally, have a great week everyone.  I look forward to receiving your messages.


Mrs Stanley


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