Hello Sheringham; 15th June 2020

Good morning Sheringham class,

I hope you have had a great weekend and ready to do some fantastic school work in the week ahead. There are some great ideas on your home learning grid and I am looking forward to seeing your pictures and receiving emails from you. Please send any work by Friday afternoon so that it can be included in the class post that I will write at the end of the week.

In Literacy, we are continuing with our Talk for Writing story, The King of the Fishes . Towards the end of the week, we are going to begin planning our own stories. Remember to keep close to the original text. I know Sheringham class always have great ideas, but to help you, why not look at these examples:

Shaking Hands with the Model Text

Hugging Close to the Model Text

Please do practise your spellings every day, if you can. They are listed under Monday’s English on the grid. If you are feeling confident, why not write the words in a sentence. I will be looking for your punctuation and want to see wonderful handwriting!

In Maths, we are continuing with your books and activities on Education City. Keep up with your times tables; why not see how many you can complete in 5 minutes or set a challenge with some-one else in your home.

Our Science is continuing to look at solids, liquids and gases and how they can change. I’m loving the activity towards the end of the week of making chocolate crispie cakes! The food tasks are always the best! To help you with your Science, why not look at the following clips and the PDF:

What are freezing and melting?

Freezing point and boiling point

Heating and cooling PDF

Our Topic and Art work will involve learning about the Colosseum in Rome. A number of years ago, Mr Moyle and I went here and saw it first hand. you will find it really interesting to do some research about what the Romans did here and it will make you glad that you were not living back then! here is a Horrible History clip and PDF to get you started:

Colosseum PDF

Lastly, don’t forget your online work. Let’s see if we can get more than the 4 last week who completed the activities on Education City.

Have a great week,

Mrs Moyle

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