Hunstanton HLG 18/5/20

Hi Ducklings,

My Ducklings Having Fun.








This will be the last HLG before the holidays. “Yippee!” I hear you all shout.

This the the link to the learning grid for this week.

Week Beg 18th May Years 1 and 2 Home Learning Grid

These are the links you will need for English this week.

Boxing Up – Way Back Home (1)

Teachers example boxing up Way Back Home (1)

These are the links you will need for Science this week.


Garden plants.Ppt

Garden Plants Display Photos



Ideas for your Gardens

Summer has sent in some photos of things she has been doing.

Looking for wild flowers.


Wild flower science lesson from last week.


Summer sculpting “Brave”.



Summer with her finished sculpture.

Painting “Brave”.

Photo Caption.

As promised, here are some details about the picture I posted on Wednesday last week:

  • Both the fish are catfish.
  • The big one is a Plecostomus called Hudson. My son named him after the house keeper who cleans up after Sherlock Holmes because catfish clean up the tank. It’s about 30cm long.
  • The small one is a Leopard Catfish; it doesn’t have a name. Maybe one of you could find a suitable name for it. It likes to hide under the fin of Hudson away from the other fish.

Have fun.

Mr H.

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