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I’ve been busy running down my list of calls to make to all you lovely people! It’s so nice to hear your voices and find out how you are and what you’ve been doing. Don’t worry if I haven’t called you yet – I will speak to everyonet by next week. I’m just running down the list from top to bottom.

So what have you been up to?

It was good to hear that Kai and Isla have been writing in their Coronavirus scrapbooks. Kai has been printing off photos and sticking them into his book while Isla has been adding to her diary entries whenever there is something that she wants to talk about in there. I’m really looking forward to seeing those when we get back. Has anyone else been working on the scrapbook? It would be lovely to see some photos of your work.

Lots of children are using their time to learn new skills like photography, comic sketching and even how to train wild ducks that are landing in the garden (yes, that one is Isla!). We should appreciate this time for giving us the space to do that sort of thing.

What concerns are you having?

Some children have mentioned being worried that they’re getting behind with school work and that they won’t be ready for Year 6. Well, I just want to reassure you that all teachers are fully aware that children might be anxious about this, so just leave it to us! You are all in the same boat – in fact, children all over the country are – and these are exceptional circumstances that we are in. We won’t be expecting the same from you when you go into Year 6. So we will give you all the support you need when you get back to school, don’t you worry about that! Remember, it’s only been a couple of months that you have been away – you will catch up in time.


Well, I can’t wait to speak to the rest of you.

Take care and remember to follow the Prime Minister’s advice to stay alert – if this dog can do it, so can you!

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