Winterton Blog 05.05.20

Good morning everyone.

A beautiful day today. I’m sitting in the classroom at my desk and it looks lovely outside. Where are you at this very moment? At a table working in your kitchen? At the dining table? Maybe still in bed? I hope not. Keep to a routine. So many people that I have spoken to say that routine is so important. If you haven’t got a timetable make that today’s task. If you do nothing else, do that. Then stick to it. You can timetable your day round activities on the internet. I set one up for you on a blog last week. Or around exciting activities. Or both!  Do Home Learning Grid in the morning followed by getting outside in the fresh air in the afternoon. Remember there are lots of activities on one of the websites from last week. Whatever you choose, have fun!

Keep safe and keep smiling!

Mrs. M x

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