Snettisham and Heacham Monday 4/5/20

Good morning,

Happy Star Wars Day!

(Ask a parent to explain it to you!)

This poster is the only Star Wars film I’ve ever watched all the way through! (I like Star Trek better, but they don’t have a day!)

These are two of my favourite Star Wars backgrounds.  Which one would you like to live in? Why do you like that one?


The BBC week ahead looks like this. (I know it’s hard to read but if you click on it you can see a bigger one!)

How great was Pyjamarama Day?  I heard from a few of you who were in your jama’s all day, having a good time.


This Friday is Bank Holiday because of VE Day, which I’ll talk more about another day.

Last week’s even more of you had a really good go at the Education City work.

Heacham children who worked hard were :-Alex, Angel, Corrine, Harper, Kevinas, Sabine and Wyatt.

Snettisham children who worked hard were :- Annabelle, Ava-Rose, Devon, Ethan, Frankie, Gracey and Iris.

I was really pleased with BugClub readers this weeks as well – Devon and Frankie from Snettisham have read a lot, and in Heacham class Ella-Rae has read 6 books this week and Corrine has read 7! Well done all of you.

This should go live on Monday morning, so we’ll see if it does!

Take care,

Miss Cook


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