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Hi there Blakeney!

I hope you are all okay and staying positive. I miss you all.

Have any of you with pets noticed them acting a bit strangely during lockdown? I think Pogo is suffering from ‘cabin fever’ : she’s been acting weirdly on our walks to the local park. For example, she been trying to run away to get to the river, she’s been sniffing the ground like the horse in Tangled (not sure what for) and has not been interested in catching her ball at all (unheard of – she absolutely loves her ball). I think she knows this situation with lock down is all a bit odd and is missing her regular trips to the beach, Sandrinham and the Lake. She’s even been having a few ‘lockdown dreams’ I think because she’s been wimpering in her sleep and her legs have been moving back and forth as if she’s running! So, I guess pets are struggling with it all a bit too. Have your pets been finding lockdown hard?

This is Pogo cuddling her toy in her while sleeping – she does love to cuddle her toys!


I’ve seen more funny photos on the internet of animals enjoying the freedom they now have in towns and cities. This one shows Pelicans in the bus lane in Australia, if I remember correctly!


How else have I been keeping busy? Well, my friends and I got together on Zoom to have an virtual Pub Quiz. We wrote six questions each (all multiple choice) and dressed up. Then took turns asking/answering questions – holding up A B C or D just like our quizzes in class. It was a lot of fun. You should try it! See if you can sport which one is me – a clue: Lockdown has aged me a bit!!

Homelearning for the week beginning Monday 4th May 

Sorry for the delay in publishing the HLG and resources for this week – I had a bit of trouble with the computer at school today (no changes there then!).

The HLG and all the resources you need for this week are below. Don’t forget to let me know how you are getting on. Contact me on:

Home Learning Grid link: Years-5-and-6-Home-Learning-Grid WB 4th May 2020

Literacy Resource links: 


Comprehension Questions: Questions on Daily Pig article written by Piggy Trotter

Year 5 Power Maths text book link:

We have started textbook and practice book 5C everyone. The text books can be found by clicking on the first link below. The answers to this week’s and last week’s decimals work are also linked here for you:

Power Maths Answers Unit 12 decimals

Topic Lesson Resource links:

Crime and Punishment Plan3

Crime and Punishment Slide3

Crime and Punishment Work3

Daily reading by David Walliams:

You can continue listening to David Walliams reading from his book, Fing. The book is divided up so that you can listen to two or three chapters a day. It’s really fun. Give it a try if you haven’t done so yet. Go to:



Education City

Well done to those of you who worked on Education City last week – Amanda, Grace, Evelyn, Lily, Isla, Brodie and Franky.I’m seeing some great scores and am encouraged to see some of you are giving it a shot even if you find it tricky sometimes. I want to say a special well done to Grace, Lily and Isla who completed all of the tasks set – Maths, English reading and English Writing. Keep up the good work everyone!

New work is set for you every Monday and you have a whole week to complete it. Just go straight to the EdCity website and log in with you user name and password (give to you before school closed). If any of you have lost the login details, contact school and we’ll sort it out.

Bye for now everyone!

Ms Black

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