Holkham’s Wednesday update (22/04/20)

Good Morning Holkhamm Class, 

Hope you’re all having a fantastic week so far. Don’t forget to access the Home Learning Grid we have created here… Years 3 and 4 Home Learning Grid WC-20.04.20


Education City and Tackling Tables 

Lots of you have been having a good go at the activities, PlayLive games and LearnScreens I recommenced on Education City and have been playing, testing and learning your times tables using Tackling Tables

Education City Logons

Nicole, George, Jack, Rhys, Frankey, Rinalds, Hallie, Krisitan, Teja, Karolis and Brayden. Well done guys, I can see you have all worked really hard. Don’t forget to explore Education City after you have completed the set work to challenge yourselves. 

Tackling Tables Logons

Scarlett, Hallie, Teja, Rinalds, Nicole, Freya and Frankey. Great work! You’re all making fantastic progress with your Tackling Tables.  Your speed and accuracy is really increase and I can see some of your are moving into the green category already!


Learning Celebrations 

Teja had a very busy Monday this week. She sent me photos of her ‘Cold Task’ as well as the additional Maths work on tables and number bonds she has been working on. Fantastic work Teja. 😃


George, has had a busy week so far also. He’s been producing fantastic work from our Home Learning Grid. He has written a great ‘Cold Task’ starting point for him to build on in the coming weeks, along with a Never Heard the Word from our new text ‘Zelda Claw and the Rain Cat’. On top of that, he has been researching the Romans in Topic and defining the word ‘invasion’ and creating the most beautiful rainbow collage to thank all of the people who are working so hard to keep us well in the NHS. George also sent me a music video which I will upload into my blog on Friday!

Likewise, Kristain has been busy having a good try at his ‘Cold Task’ which I think will become a lovely story as we move through this unit on building suspense in our writing. He’s also been practising his spellings, listing positive things about his Easter and exploring his garden for different objects. Well done!


As you are reading for 10 minutes with your grown ups each day and using your Phonics knowledge to segment and blend unfamiliar words, it would be great if your grown ups could challenge you with comprehension questions that the end of each page. Here are some examples of what they could ask you…

  • Find one word in the text which means…
  • Who is telling the story?
  • Which section was the most interesting/exciting part?
  • How did…?
  • What happened to…?
  • What was the first thing that happened in the story?
  • What do you think will happen next?


A note for grown ups

Last week, the Department for Education announced that they were supporting an online collection of lessons from The Oak National Academy. It’s easy enough to navigate the website by finding your child’s year group an accessing the lessons and the quizzes.

I’m sharing this with you as an additional resource, please don’t feel you have to complete anything from there. We have produce our Home Learning Grid as our preferred means on communicating learning suggestions with our families.


Final messages 

As always, please feel free to email me with learning you have been working on or any questions you may have and I will post again on Friday alongside a vlog. If you have any video’s for the vlog please send them by Friday morning so I can edit them in.

See you soon,

Mr Sellers

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