Happy Easter Holkham! (03/04/20)

Good Morning Holkham Class,

I hope you’ve all had a good week. I can see it’s be a very busy week for a lot of you. I can see Kristian, Brayden, George, Rinalds, Borislav, Frankey, Teja, Bethany, Sonny, Jac, Nicole, Hallie, Carina, Karolis and Freya have had a really good at the activities on Education City. Some of you even found your own work to do as an extension and sent me the links, which was so impressive.

Well done those of you who have been accessing Tackling Tables – I know having spoken to a few grown up this week, that some children are finding this new way of working a little bit more tricky than when on paper. I know it can feel more difficult when you have to type in or click the numbers, but think of it like falling into the learning pit, persevere with the number entry because you are all so good with your tables. Remember what I always say, “Use what you know, to work out what you don’t!” and “Keep climbing out of the learning pit until you’ve got the skills you need for when you fall (or jump) back in!“.

Amazing Learning

Lukas K has been so busy since our school has been closed. His Mum sent me lots of photos of his work which I couldn’t open straight away, but I’ve managed it now and they are absolutely amazing. He’s been designing chocolate bars, learning about Christopher Columbus and the routes he sailed, listing major events in the 1600s, making a bookmark, writing an acrostic poem and much more. He’s even been helping with the washing up too. Wow Lukas! You’re such an amazing role model for the rest of the class.


Likewise, George has had a very busy week too. He’s not only been working hard using Education City, but also practicing his spellings and creating an amazing timeline of Cadburys Chocolate. I loved learning about when cream eggs were first created, so much so, that I had to eat one to celebrate! George has also created a hilarious chocolate bar advert using Tik Tok with the help of his grown-ups. I will upload this as quickly as I can in my video message later on.



Kristian has also made his own a chocolate bar advert using filmed with the help of his grown-ups. It was so kind of him so say hello to all of us and I’m sure you’ll really love his presentation. Again, I will upload this as soon as possible in my video message later on.

Nicole has had an amazing week. She told me that she really enjoyed Maths and Art this week and every morning has been working out with Jo Wicks. She sent photos of all the hard work and fun she’s been having.

Freya has written an amazing poem about chocolate with help from mum (thank you Mum!). She has also sent me a video which I will add to my next Vlog after Easter. Freya also sent me a picture of Milo the puppy who is only 4 months old and very playful. I think Freya remembers just how much I love dogs and he is especially beautiful.

Thank you to each of you that have sent me some of your amazing work to share in today’s blog post. Please don’t worry if you still have work to share. Send it to me in an email and I’ll update this blog again later.


Final messages 

Today we are on break for the Easter holiday so you will not receive a ‘Home Learning Grid’ or new activities to do on Education City on Monday. However, the last two week’s Home Learning Grids can still be found in my blog posts, Education City games will stay online and Tackling Tables will still be available to use – if you wish to do any of them (but you don’t have to).

Remember to really enjoy spending time with your family at home over Easter. You could play games, read or write stories or join in with the cooking.

Whatever you decide to do over the next two weeks, keep safe, be kind and don’t pop from eating too many Easter eggs!

Have a very happy Easter,

Mr Sellers

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