Happy Monday Holkham! 30/03/20

Good Morning Holkham Class,

Home Learning Grid

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and are looking forward to the week ahead. Here is your ‘Home Learning Grid’ for this week…Years-3-and-4-Home-Learning-Grid-WC-30.03.20-2. I really hope you enjoy some of the activities on it. Mrs Emery, Mrs Moyle and I all had a FaceTime meeting to create it, which was lovely and made me smile. Remember, you don’t need to complete all of these activities, they are just there to give you and your grown ups inspiration for learning opportunities.

This week’s English work focusses very much on a poetry writing competition  in partnership with Divine Chocolate and Christian Aid. I would love you to think about everything we have discovered about the origins of chocolate (check your Topic books) and write a poem in whichever style you prefer, share it with me via email and then enter the competition online using the information below!


Other Learning

I have uploaded more learning to Education City. Well done to all of you who have had a go at the learning on there. I will keep last weeks folder open so that you can still access anything from there you haven’t yet completed. Here is a link to a video on how can access ‘Play Live’. Play live allows you to play against real people around the whole world, Greyfriars Academy School or Holkham class. I know some of the children in Blakeney have been using it and really enjoying their learning time together.

Don’t forget to give your Tackling Tables a practice too. I bet you’ll all be much faster than me by the time we’re back a school together – maybe we could have a race! You can also practise your Year 3/4 Statutory spellings. Remember to look, say, cover, write and check each one until you get super fast and accurate.


Learning Celebrations

I have fantastic examples of learning to celebrate with you all today starting with Kristian, who has clearly had a very busy week last week. Working hard on Education City, practising multiplication to 5, drawing a delicious looking chocolate bar, answering questions on his favourite Poetry in English Book and, if that wasn’t enough, working in his Power Maths book. Wow! Well done Kristian, all of Holkham are very proud of your hard work. Good job for making sure you keep your body active too with outdoor football and basketball practise!

I can see Brayden has also been very busy. He sent an amazing poem written by him and his Dad called ‘My car tired to eat me’ and found an amazing poem by Darren Sandelli called ‘The silliest teaching in school’, both of which I will be reading to you in my latest video so keep checking back on here for that. He’s also been working hard on his times tables, Aztecs information posters and incredible Pokemon drawings. What a fantastic role model he is to the whole class. Luckily, he found time to enjoy the sunshine with Aris and the puppy too. I wish I had a swing set in my garden!

Nicole has written, learned and recited poetry by heart with actions, before sending me a video of her amazing performance. I will attached her video to mine for everyone to see – its fantastic! She has also been finding lots of key information on ‘The History of Chocolate’ and creating a timeline about the life of Christopher Columbus. Thank you Nicole!

Like Nicole, Teja has sent me a poetry recital video too, which I will uploaded as soon as a I can. Look closely and you’ll see her cat at the end of the video which made me smile. Teja sent me an email to tell me that she has been working every hard with her grown ups and completing daily activities on Education City and Tackling Tables. She has been reading lots of books from The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney. She told me that she’s finding Maths challenging but she’s persevering  and I’m sure will achieve her target. Well done Teja!

Final Messages

I hope you have a great week this week. Keep working hard. This week is the last week of term before you can enjoy your Easter holidays so keep showing that incredible effort I know you’re capable of, just like Kristian, Brayden, Nicole and Teja.

Don’t forget to email me with any question and photos/videos of your learning whenever you can. I really really enjoy seeing them.

See you soon,

Mr Sellers

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