Good morning EYFS/KS1

Good morning!

Ready for the song? (Click the picture!)

So, what’s the plan today?

I’ve got a packed lunch and I’ve been to the loo, and I’m off to Chester Zoo!  Look! The bus is waiting!


Am I really going?

Not really.  That’s against the rules at the moment.

Really, I’m in my house, as I should be, but Chester Zoo are doing a virtual zoo day, via their facebook account, using the webcams and lots of chatting, and so I’m going to pretend that I’m really there!

Wyatt, I know you’ll be ready for the tigers at 2:30!  I’m looking forward to the elephants, but I’ll go and tidy the kitchen whilst the butterflies are on.  (I know how silly it is, but I really don’t like them!) I also want to know what a sun bear is.  We’ll find out later!

Let me know what you’re looking forward to. (and don’t eat your packed lunch on the bus!)

Take care,


Miss Cook

P.S. EducationCity have just emailed to say they’ve fixed all the problems! They had to work ALL NIGHT to get it sorted. What a clever lot of people they are!

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