This was the week that we…

  1. We wrote Supertato and Evil Pea stories together and then we wrote some on our own.
  2. We watched William Whiskerson go to London and we talked about how London has lots of towers and is a big city.
  3. We know that Big Ben is a bell, not the tower!
  4. We know that a hammer hits the bell to make it go dong.
  5. We found out about Chinese New Year.
  6. We made lanterns, painted Chinese numbers, coloured dragons masks, and wrote about the rat in the story.
  7. We went on the trim trail.
  8. We did Yoga in the hall and then we did good PE that doesn’t hurt you. We know that we have to be safe in PE and listen carefully.  We did jumping and travelling in different ways.
  9. We had flowers as a present and we took photos of them and drew them.
  10. We drew around our hands in the middle of Paul Sturgess’ hand, and coloured them in to go on our display.
  11. We played the bus stop game about passengers getting on and off a bus.
  12. We collected a lot more bottle tops! (but we still need more!)

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