Heacham wish you a Happy New Year!

This week we have…..

  • finished our advent calendar online.
  • we had salt as snow in the tray.
  • we made a Star Wars ship outside.
  • we made superhero masks and learnt to look like we were flying!
  • we learned “In and out the dusky bluebells” (but we call it ‘pitter patter’!)
  • we started to learn ‘Supertato’
  • we did running and jumping in P.E. and we did some yoga.
  • we ate lunch every day.
  • we drew pictures.
  • we did writing about Supertato.
  • Franzine made a card.
  • Alex made a car action bad guys.
  • we went outside to look for winter (but it was too hot!)
  • we looked at Google Earth and found lots of places.
  • we played with playdough
  • we did Golden Mile
  • we started our topic and thought about what we know and what we don’t know.
  • we found out the four countries that make up the United Kingdom.


What a busy start to the term!

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