Danny Reports on Maths Ninjas

In maths ninja recently we have been doing a score count-up : The highest we have got is 522. Maths ninja is to increase kids maths ability and help them with it.  It also is meant to encourage people to work harder in maths. I think maths ninja is a good thing and all kids should do it.  We have scores ( 0-3 is white, 4-6 is yellow, 7-9 is orange, 10-13 is green, 14-17 is blue, 18-21 is purple, 22-25 is red, 26-29 is brown and 30-30 is black , if you get black three times in a row you get a gold ). The website is NumeracyNinjas.Org, It says 5 minutes but since we are ks2 and not ks3 we have 10 minutes instead. Some people are really good at maths ninja and score highly, some people get black everyday.  We swap with people so nobody cheats.  We go through the answers at the end but when we get to the third column we work it out since it is not that easy.  Every days questions are different. Like today we got different ones from yesterday. Some days you might get the similar questions.


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